Weatherablty of active Antenna

I got the active patch antenna.(PCB one)
Just wondering what type of weather can it handle. I want to mount it outside. But not too sure of if I need to build a case for it. To keep it dry.
My brain tells me it needs to be covered lol but I’m not the smartest at times…

Never had an active Antenna before. Hints the question

I would try a plastic box of some description first and measure signal ratio etc.

I have built some fiberglass covers but I think they have slightly more attenuation.

We then painted the fiberglass covers but I did not pay attention to the effect on attenuation.

I’ve used heavy duty plastic bags, if you are trying to go super cheap. You can also try DVD cases, though you’ll need to seal it up around the edges.

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That’s what hot melt glue is for

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