What am I doing wrong?

Just received Raspberry Pi 3 B. Have a new 16 GB SD card. First installed latest Jessie on card. This Pi has built in Wi-Fi. Everything works great. Now went to new RTL-SDR Outernet tutorial dated Sept 1, 2016. The hardware I would like to use is my DIY 10 turn helix, LNA4ALL, FunCube Pro +. This has worked for me receiving and decoding Inmarsat AERO and SafetyNet. The tutorial says download Outernet software 2.0a2. I then re-burned SD with just this software. Plugged SDR receiver in, started up Pi, got some errors during boot. Something about couldn’t find server. Figured wi-fi was not connected, so switched to LAN. Now I get login. I use outernet for both login and password. I’m in. During boot the error says: Unable to load config: /mnt/data/ondd.conf. This must be important to fix first. And now I stop for I don’t know how to proceed. Now I notice a method to load Outernet software right on top of Raspbian. Man, that sure looks complicated! And I would like to stay away from Virtual Machine. Don’t need a Windows box turned on also. Too bad the Outernet was not written for Windows. Inmarsat was easy. SRR # plus JAERO or WinSTD-C. All .exe files. Please help me to get on right path.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but currently the Outernet software was only designed to work with the RTL-SDR E4000 SDR dongle that they sell.

And I agree its too bad they don’t support Windows. I have no desire to buy a Pi just for Outernet, or run Raspian on a Virtual Machine. On top of that, the low level demodulator code is propietary, closed-source from ViaSat. Not hobbyist friendly. :frowning:

Also, it seems we share a common interest in AERO and SafetyNet on Inmarsat. JAERO works great for AERO, but I have been unable to locate some decent software for SafetyNet. Can you give me a link on where I can obtain WinSTD-C?

The RTL-SDR dongle is sort of agnostic. Most software defined software checks to see what is plugged into the USB and then discusses with the RTL Dongle what settings it is capable of.

Outernet Library should talk to the RTL either E4000 or R80t2 and configure it accordingly to receive from the Inmarsat satellite.

The E4000 and R80T2 are two of the tuner options from what I understand and the RTL2832U is the digital to analogue converter.

The R820T2 is around $10 up to $20 and has a frequency range of 24 – 1766 MHz possibly but may need cooling

The e40000 is more like 50Mhz to 1500 plus. and is stable. The e4000 is around $40 and was made by Elonics and I do not think they make them any more.

The Jury is still out as to what is better but I think if the cheaper R80T2 can be made to work reliably, I think it will take over as the main Outernet RTL device.

I am running Outernet Library on a CHIP $9 computer with the e4000 sold by Outernet and it works great.

Send me your email: Mine: [email protected]

I must have missed that statement from Outernet web page. So I can’t use my FunCube Pro+ ? That’s really a shame. If this is true then not only the software is proprietary, but also the hardware. Not very Open Source I would say.

It is proprietary and closed-source, but it’s not from ViaSat. We used none of ViaSat’s engineering resources to develop Outernet.

We currently support both flavors of RTL-SDR (R820T2 and E4000). We may support the SDRplay in the future. Maybe.

What about support for FUNcube Dongle Pro+ ? That is what I have and used before for other projects.

@cbander: you can try https://archive.outernet.is/images/OuternetInABox/ if you don’t have a CHIP/RPI3

Rather stay with Raspberry Pi 3 for now. How do you set up wi-fi on the Pi? It’s built in and does work with Jessie. If I edit /etc/network/interfaces, rxos deletes the edit! Why?

Well, now using Outernet hardware plus Raspberry Pi 3 All is working, Getting about 5 + SNR, but only 2 very short .txt messages. When will I see lots of data?

Can you go into Tuner Settings and see if you are receiving packets and if you have a file downloading? There is currently a video being broadcast, which is why no other Ike’s are showing up.

Yes, I am receiving packets with almost no packet loss. I see 5+ SNR in morning. In LA area using the 98 degree bird. Equipment $69 package + RPi 3.
How do I know a file is being downloaded? Right now it’s many hours after your last post. All I have seen is are 2 tiny text files. Greetings from space.txt and Hello Stuart.txt.

Not set up now. Let me check

OK I’m set up now for 15 minutes. Good SNR. Getting: Waiting for Data
2-3 packet/sec. I’ll send my txt file. again.
OK I sent it and got email saying It got the file.
Don’t see it on GUI. Still waiting for data?

I just uploaded a bunch of files. Can you leave it on over night and tell me what yo u see?

It’s 7 am in LA. Fired it up with latest rxOS 2.0 I get about a 5 SNR. I’m pointing 145 deg azimuth, 44 deg elevation. This is correct for 4-F3 97,7 W bird. All I get is “waiting for data”. This happened yesterday with Sept 13 rxOS.
But, a couple days before I was getting data, at least fairly fast packets. But now, just 2-3 packets/sec. Can’t leave on all night for set up is unprotected from elements. Now it’s on table in backyard.

OK Syed, I need patience. Just received the Olympics file and it’s under folder opaks.