What capacity SD card is possible? What does it ship with?

What size SD card does the lantern support?

Will it come with an SD card pre loaded? If so what size will that be?

I’d really like an offline copy of Wikipedia that would update itself from space…

For example the Arabic Wikipedia: 1Gb, English 12Gb, French 3Gb

It would take forever to get this data over a 2Mb connection, but when you ship the lanterns there is a great opportunity for the data to go with the lantern…

I have to double-check, but I believe Lantern would have a built-in 2.5" hard drive.

EDIT: And yes, I think we might pre-load some of the content.

Thanks Branko.

Surprised by the drive idea. I’d have thought it would use too much power & also be too big for the form factor…

If the lantern is shipping with a 32Gig SD that would give enough room for everyone to get a Wikipedia in the language of their choice. You’d then need to work out a way of updating the content as it changed on the live site.

Could you put a flag system in the librarian software, to say: I have a French Wikipedia, only store Wikipedia updates tagged FR

Ideally you’d only send the changed bits of a page, not the entire page.

Sorry, still haven’t had time to check, but now that I think of it, I think latern might have versions with and without hard drive. The one with the drive is a 1TB 2.5" drive and it’s called Lantern for your Village or something like that. It also has a more powerful WiFi, iirc. Anyhow, I’ll check this evening and update this thread (or someone else from Outernet may do so).

Yeah tsounds like the village version with the drive:

Be good to know if the standard one will support more than 32 Gig SD card…

Here’s an update. The internals are still in design phase. There’s a couple of choices for the main board (I won’t say anything about it since it’s not decided yet), but from what I gather, it’ll be able to use at least a 64GB SD card.