What do you think about oneweb?

A new proyect called oneweb is trying to achieve a full worldwide coverage with satellite access. what do you think, and could it affect outernet plans?

article: http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/investing-in-a-new-global-communications-system

I think OneWeb is great, but what they are doing is very different from Outernet. Think of Outernet as a radio station, whereas OneWeb is an internet service provider. Content on the radio is free–you just tune in whenever you want to. But you pay your ISP every month to use the internet. They are both useful services with different business models. And with difference costs associated with running the businesses.

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In terms of business model, you also have to look at your target audience. The 60 percent of the world without internet access also lacks a technical infrastructure and money to support paid internet access. Outernet, as Syed says, is a free service requiring very little in the way of end-user equipment to obtain internet content.

With Outernet’s totally self-reliant Lantern Receiver Cube, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer - - which in itself is a costly investment.

As a global traveler, I would certainly welcome OneWeb for internet access over Hotspots and 3G/4G cellular service, but would have to balance its cost and complexity to use it. Ken