What does "no service" mean for me?


I’m just setting up a lighthouse and dish purchased from outernet, and have found Galaxy 19 with a signal and quality of .76, but no bit rate and “no service” and have yet to download any data. This seems the same as described in the threads http://discuss.outernet.is/t/galaxy-19-not-locking-in-service/1986 and http://discuss.outernet.is/t/galaxy-19-feed-is-offline/2049.

What exactly does “no service” mean? Does it really mean that the Galaxy 19 is down, or is it something else with my settings as I’m getting my system set up?


Yes. There seems to be a problem with the G19 uplink at the moment. The outage began (at least for me) sometime yesterday afternoon. At least that’s when I first noticed it. It is still down as I write this.

I would recommend sitting tight for the moment and watching this thread:

until you see it reported that it is working again. Then check if yours is working too. It sounds like your installation is probably OK, but if, when others report that the G-19 signal is wrking again, but not for you, you may then need to troubleshoot your installation.

I’m dead in the water now. No signal lock on Galaxy 19 with the North American Ku Band LNB I have always used. Ken

Thank you both for your replies – http://status.outernet.is/ is now reporting G19 offline (i.e. that it’s not our fault), so that’s good at least. Being new to the Outernet, we don’t have a sense of how often this happens or what to expect now, but for the moment we’ll just sit tight.

For future reference, “NO SERVICE” means you are locked onto a transponder, and receiving “something” but that “something” is not decodable by the download agent. This can mean one of the following things:

  • Teleport is not uploading any files to the satellite
  • You are pointed to a wrong satellite that happens to have a transponder which you can lock with the chosen preset
  • (Obviously) there is a bug in our software :stuck_out_tongue: