What is the Bandwidth of OuterNet Signal?

Hello All -

I am temporarily using a higher performance software defined receiver, along with SDR-Console application to test my antenna/LNA configuration. (Outernet “branded” patch antenna and LNA)

I see some signals around 1541.5 MHz, some are narrow, others very wide. (I’m in the USA, so I’m tuning +/- 1539.9 MHz)

How much bandwidth does the Outernet signal occupy?

Does anyone per chance have a “snapshot” of what the signal looks like?


It’s a 5 kHz channel. It will be the weakest signal that you see, since the somewhat nearby AERO signals are about 6+ dB higher. I rarely spend time with SDR#, but I can take a snapshot in a few hours, once I get to the office.

Thanks, Syed . . . the info helps a lot!


Hi Mike,

You can find a few snapshots of the Outernet and AERO signals in the following post

The signals are from Inmarsat 25E but they must be the same on all satellites.

Merkouris, SV2HWM


DE W9MAS, Mike

Here are a few from Chicago pointing to 98W.