What is the plan for IGG Lantern backers as of today, 28 August 2023

Dear @Syed , what is your current plan for dealing with your original IndieGoGo backers? I stop by here every year or two to see if there’s any news, and I’ve lost track a bit. Is the plan to send those of us who are still around a Dreamcatcher device once that’s reached a release milestone? Or is there a different device that you intend to take the place of Lantern? I certainly get that a lot has changed since the IGG campaign. I’m just hoping it’s not too much to ask for a backer who hasn’t been nagging you over the years to ask for a succinct statement of intent at this point. Then I’ll try to keep my head down for the next couple of years. I don’t want my money back, but I would appreciate an update here. Thanks in advance!

@tastewar What I’m still trying to figure out is how the broadcast can be an ongoing, self-sufficient service. What currently pays for the broadcast is the margin from Dreamcatcher sales. Well, that’s not actually true. I personally subsidize the broadcast and margin from Dreamcatchers offsets some of the costs. Once/if that core problem is solved, then I can develop a plan to deliver Lanterns–which are just Dreamcatchers inside of plastic enclosures.

I’ll be the first to admit that the broadcast by itself is not terribly interesting and I don’t see it as a compelling reason for people to purchase a device. What I’m currently waiting on is one particular satellite IoT network to receive authorization to operate a LoRa network in the US and Europe. This would allow Dreamcatchers/Lanterns to send messages, which could then be relayed over the internet and through the Ku-band broadcast. What I’m describing is basically the slowest message board/bulletin board in the world, but in remote and off-grid areas, it might have real utility. At least it would be bi-directional and interactive, rather than a slow drip of news feeds.

If that LoRa network does not receive approval, then we are stuck with the existing broadcast-only service, which just isn’t a viable business.

I hope I answered your question?

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Thanks for taking the time to reply – I’ll check back in a couple of years.