What is the thrill of Outernet?

To me, the thrill of Outernet is receiving a satellite signal from 22,200 miles away. It’s the furthest DX I’ve ever received. It’s not some appliance I bought, but something I assembled from several components. I just did not turn it on, I needed to download and configure the software to make it work. The thrill is being able to get the basics up and running and then being able to experiment to improve things.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Inmarsat 4-F3

I enjoy reading the new article. While camping I miss the internet. I miss reading the news in the morning. Sometimes cellphone internet does not work. Having the Outernet is a way of reading the news from anywhere. The added information of Wikipedia articles is a good thing too.

The Outernet has just started. I wonder what new content will be next. Someone said there will be a change next month. I will have to look around the forums for a hint of what will change.


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So for me the thrill is being able to assemble something and having it working so it can help people in need. I hope the payloads get faster download rates and more info on them so people in rugged places can get access to information.

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