What would be the cost for the following


I believe that any content you would like to broadcast for purchase is based on the size of the content and which service you want it available over. Also, Outernet does not guarantee recievers, as anybody may choose to ignore any data they wish. Anybody with a pillar or lantern based on what you wanted to broadcast over would be able to get your data though.

I mean in terms of megabytes. You can do all kinds of things to get 45 to 60 minutes of audio to be small. It’s totally guaranteed in the agreement of sponsored content that you’ll be able to get it with your recievers, which are easy to make/purchase. Actually, i believe that that is currently set up, if you’re interested right away.

Hi @Richard, I have let Syed, our CEO, know about this. You can see our current coverage here.

Well, ability to receive is not guaranteed in the sense that it’s subject to weather conditions, quality of the LNB/dish, location of the dish relative to obstacles and/or direction in which the dish is pointed, and so on, which are obviously beyond Outernet’s control. We can only grantee that it will be broadcast.

Hi Richard. Are you claiming to be able to be able harness zero point energy for useful work?

Is your electricity provided by a zero point energy device? How much did it cost you?

Right, guaranteed to the extent that it can can be from the service. Should have been more specific.

The best use scenario i would see for outernet from the limited information you’ve given here is that it would be best as a relay to your people on the ground. One or a few uplink points could be used to broadcast to supporters worldwide, broadcasting on other mediums.

I think I got confused by the above statement. It seemed you were saying this technology actually exists today. Your later statements make it clearer that you are looking for donors to help develop a technology that doesnt exist at the moment.

The way I understood it, the donors were supposed to provide production funds not development funds.

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just sticking with the free energy machines for a moment. Could you say a bit more about what you believe to be the current state of the technology? links to models you believe work, or any peer reviewed scientific papers that show this is a promising technology. Im not clear what you are talking about really.

Actually, I think the other topic (topic of the need to get information out) is even more important in context of Outernet.

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I don’t think the validity of what you’re talking about is up for debate here. Not really relevant to the general discussion of outernet.
What is a legitimate discussion is if you want your content sponsored or not. If not, then validity becomes something worth determining. If it’s sponsored, then we simply need to know the number of megabytes you’d like to broadcast. Assuming video with decent quality you could probably git it to around 100mb an episode. I don’t know too much about the merits of different encoding methods but playing with it would probably yield some interesting results.

Understood, see ya.

You didn’t have to withdraw your posts. :smile: I can restore them if you want.

I was more speaking of Sam_UK and his inquiries about your technology. They seemed rather off topic, as the title is “What would be the cost for the following”.