What's up with the satellite configuration!?!?!?!?!?

I think I found a bug! When I try to connect to a satellite, there’s no signal lock and no ‘quality’… HOWEVER, when you try to go into custom and select DVB-S2, you get 0.45 consistent signal quality. Is this Intended? After like 3 hours I’m getting No signal lock…

Here are my specs:

  1. Raspberry Pi B (yes I finally got one!)
  2. The Outernet store tuner,
  3. Wifi access point
  4. A phone
  5. Ethernet (I will post another fix for that workaround on some other thread if someone hasn’t beaten me to it already)
  6. A USB2.0 powered hub
  7. And power cords

Oh and I have an LNB that has 2 Outputs And a really old DISHTV LNB signal splitter…

Any Ideas?

I might need some clarification. If I understood correctly, you:

  1. went to the settings
  2. selected a preset
  3. noticed there was no lock and quality bar was at 0
  4. then selected custom and form contained all the values from the preset
  5. changed only the delivery system from DVB-S to DVB-S2
  6. submitted the custom settings
  7. noticed the quality was at 0.45, but you still got no lock

Is that correct?

Could you also tell us your city, dish size, and satellite preset you were trying to use?

Could you show us some photos of your equipment? If possible with close-ups of any labels?

  1. Yes, exactly
  2. Lehigh Valley near Coopersburg
  3. Dish size (Yes yell at me…) 20 inches [50 cm]
  4. Sat presets that have this problem ALL OF THEM! (Even the ones that aren’t in green range like the one in asia that (actually) is still in 17 signal range.

*These are all tuned to asia (by accident) but the one that shows the config is really the Eutelsat config.

LNB ‘Dish’ Switch (Back when there were no multi LNB devices, we used these:

Eutelsat 113W Configuration with DVB-S2:

Line Of Sight (Bad I know…):

The Dual LNB (150517 CalAmp):

My RPI Setup ^_^:

I have gotten a jumpy quality at G19 once… but that was with a Radioshack Satellite Finder.

50cm dish through trees?

Have you ever received any TV broadcasts through the dish in that position?

Judging by SatBeams data, at your location (that’s near Philly?), you’d need at least 70cm (~27.5") for G19 with a clear view of the sky (not through the trees). For ES113W you’d need 75cm (~29.5"). I would go for at least 80cm if not 90cm and find a better location for the dish.

EDIT: I’ve put together a short guide on how to use SatBeams to determine the dish size.

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