Where is an up to date ORx DIY list?

Hi, I have all the equipment to build my own receiver. I have a Geniatech HD star V2, Raspberry pi B+, 80 CM dish, and the supported wifi dongle. I am located in British Columbia, Canda close to the city of Nelson.

I want to go with Raspian.
Can someone please safe me a tonne of wasted effort and provide a list of the correct software with links to download it.
I have been reading through all the posts and have become frustrated and confused.
Please help to make it as clear as mud for me :smile:


Hello to Canada! Our teammate, @Ben is also from Canada. :wink:

Posts are from different times and I bet it’s a mess to find the up-to-date stuff.

Here’s the latest Raspbian image: http://archive.outernet.is/images/ORx-Raspbian-20150319-AP.7z

You can just flash it to an microSD card. The image size is 4GB, but you may need a bigger card (4GB cards from different manufacturers are not exactly the same size). We’re finishing a cut-down version of the same image and if you can wait a day or two, I’ll post a link to it.

On Windows, you can use win32 disk imager to copy the image to the card. On *nix platform, people commonly use dd utility.

We’re still working out some of the details, so it’s pretty much Alpha. WiFi dongle that is known to work with is Edimax (tiny one). For other dongles, you’ll have to get your hands dirty a bit.

Greetings, fellow builder. There are at least 2 people in North America posting here who look at Galaxy 19. We are both building a receive connected to a 76 - 80 cm dish/LNB FTA system, but have run into problems that Branko (and others on the Outernet team) are trying to resolve.

Our setups work as described, but don’t recover the Outernet’s data stream! Apparently, builders in Europe on HotBird are not having these problems.

Read the discussion every day to see what’s happening. This is quit a fascinating effort. Ken in Annapolis, MD

Thanks Ken. Do you know what protocol they are using?

Thank-you for your quick relpy!

What protocol is being used for outernet’s data stream?

The protocol is proprietary (for now). And before someone jumps to open that can of worms (again), let me explain why. Using the protocol we are using right now was the fastest and least expensive way to get up and running quickly. Of course, this has its drawbacks, like not being portable by third parties to unsupported platforms, but our judgement was that such problems are secondary to cost and speed of development. If you search the forum, you’ll find suggestions for alternatives but none of them are currently viable. This will eventually get addressed.


I’ve just gone through the install instructions you provided… one important thing to note is that you need to provide an entry in the hosts file to resolve outernet to local host otherwise librarian will not run properly.

I used this command to do it:
sudo nano /etc/hosts

and I added this line to the hosts file: outernet

Prior to do this I was getting this error:
‘Unable to resolve host: outernet’

This is a bug, thanks for letting us know.