Where is outernet broadcast to

I saw on the lantern page it doesn’t seem to broad cast to australia, or is it australia will get a slow connection? Thanks

Currently i believe there is no broadcast to Australia. As far as i’m aware, the current broadcast continents are North America, Europe, and Africa.

When the Lantern mobile service turns on, it will be global. If you are referring to the map of our current service area, it is for our high-capacity service, which is different from mobile. We do not currently have coverage in Australia for that service, but we will in the near future.

Hi, is there an update to the Australian service? or the Solomon Islands? thanks.

Probably you can point your dish to AsiaSat 5 at 100.5E (Global Beam). But this is C band.

EDIT: This service is only for the LIGHTHOUSE and ORxPi. Not for the Lantern

I have been trying to get a signal from AisaSat5 but no luck. My dish is directed to 100.5E with a elevation of 38°. If it picks up the signal will it indicate on the Tuner settings automatically? I have also replaced my LNB just in case it was that.

Are you using Lighthouse or ORxPi to receive the data?


To receive data from AsiaSat 5, you should have a large dish antenna and a LNB which supports to C band.

I can’t say the actual elevation without knowing your current geographical location.

First, in tuner settings page, configure the following by selecting from the dropdown lists.
LNB Type: C band
Satellite: AsiaSat 5

Then update the tuner settings.

Yes. but wait few seconds to see the updated values on the UI.

The elevation was from the AisaSat map, but I will keep trying different angles

My dish is a standard Sat TV dish, but I will give it a go with the larger dish in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday.

I will let you know what happens.

Hey Jon, what is your approximate location? Satbeams.com says you need a 2.3m dish for Sidney. You can adjust the location marker on the linked page to find out the minimum size requirement for you location.

EDIT: Also, 2.7m seems to be needed for Solomon Islands.

use http://www.satbeams.com/footprints to get information about elevation and dish size. However your current elevation seems okay.

I would also like to add that, even with a proper-sized dish, it’s possible that you cannot receive due to low elevation. A person I asked to test IS-20 signal from my location couldn’t get a lock even with a 1.2m dish (requirement as per satbeams is 90cm) becuase of the low elevation (19deg). YMMV.


I am in Brisbane, which is about 800Km north of Sydney, so it would be much the same size as Sydney.

Thanks for the size for the Solomons, I might have to rip apart an old boat.

Well all we can do is give it a crack and hope for the best. Cheers.

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