Where to see the content?

I’ve just come across the othernet project, it looks amazing, but, you know, it may look obvious, but where can find out the actual content and some technical description?
I understand that it’s something for hobbyists, and I skimmed some info here and understood something, but I think this project needs some more elaborated description.
Like what content exactly, what on-demand video, what radio broadcasting, what file broadcasting, can I influence that?

As a starter, Jonalex, you can look at some of our live terminals that Forum members have port forwarded (and authorized their viewing). The North America satellite view is mine outside of Washington, DC; and the Europe satellite view is Wolfgang’s in Cologne, Germany. There are at least 3 others in North America and two more in Europe, but not all these are the advertised as shared ports. Owners can chime in here if they want to be viewed. Ken