Why I'm getting waiting for data...?

I just updated my Lighthouse with Full flash (recovery) method and the firmware version was 3.0. Now I’m getting ‘waiting for data…’ on all carousels. Same as for the ORx 3.0. Also it is reporting very lower signal and quality. Has anyone run into the same problem?

‘waiting for data…’ means it’s waiting for the file table to be received. If the signal quality is low, it may not be able to receive this data for a while (too many errors in reception). Normally it takes several minutes at most. I just checked my LH, and it seems I’m receiving fine, though. How is the weather over there?

Agreed. I found that the dish hasn’t been precisely aligned. But after about 10 minutes, the LH was starting to download the files. Then I connected the dish to ORx but it never started to download the files.
I think LH can download files even if the dish is roughly aligned but ORx needs a more precisely aligned dish. Also, there are a lot of trees in my surrounding. :frowning:

HDStar is inferior compared to LH’s tuner.

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Downloading progress so far…

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