Why is content going to opaks today?

So the last few days content has been appearing in /news and various other bits of the filesystem. opaks has been empty

Today I have a bunch of Gribs, some APRS messages and some news but it’s all zipped up and appearing in opaks https://outernet.pagekite.me/en/files/opaks

Does anyone know what’s changed?



That must be a issue on your side of the world, Sam. Here in Delaware my opaks folder is empty. I’ve been “online” since about 8am (I have to shut the window the gear is hanging out of overnight).

Adding @Abhishek to this. I don’t think you should be receiving anything under opaks.

Same here. I checked and I have some files (2 APRS and 4 grib2) in opaks folder. No clue what’s going on.

everything first goes into the opaks folder.

then it gets “processed” into the right places. So when initially downloaded, everything ends up in opaks.

But that should dissappear within seconds as it gets processed, unless a problem happened.

@sam_uk, Your link is not up.

Its possible that storage is full, for example. See if emptying out helps. Older files that remain in opaks may never get processed, but watch if newer files are still not being processed.

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I guess maybe it’s related to the pagekite python I’m running on it to put the lantern online? https://outernet.pagekite.me/en/files/

I’ll try a reboot later and see what happens without the Pagekite running.

My opaks folder is filling up with tbz2 files. The oldest one is from yesterday, but there are probably 30 or more from today that haven’t processed. Other things like jpegs, etc. are coming through and showing up in the community folder, but News and whatever else those “message” and .html.tbz2" files are seem to be stuck and not being processed.

Also did a test by cleaning out the opaks folder on the external flash drive, and after a few minutes more zipped APRS messages started to appear there, but not get transferred to the Amateur Radio folder.

Already restarted a couple of times.

What is the fix?

Can you check the size of these files?

See snapshot of folder. First need to explain that the external 32GB flash drive was working fine. Then suddenly the issues with opak files started yesterday. I did a couple of things to try and see what is happening. I turned CHIP off, removed the 32GB drive, reboot and watched the folders. Nothing appeared to be sticking in the opak folder, but I was getting nothing but gribs and did see APRS messages filling the APRS folder. Then this morning, I formatted the flash drive put it back on and immediately received a bunch of VOA news files into the opak folder, but they did not process into the news folder. I did check one of these files and it is intact or appears to be so.

Have the same problem now. Any solving ideas?

How many files do you have in your opaks folder? I didn’t think to look until now, but I have 2851 files. They seem to be unpacking just fine, but not getting deleted. I will post in the skylark thread because I seem to have every file since jan 4 which was when I flashed skylark.

are you using an external usb stick?


remove it. reboot. if there are still files in the opaks folder, remove them manually. let the receiver receive some files. see if the problem persists.

sth wrong with your USB stick.

I will try that tomorrow.