Widen Audio Channel

When no data stream is being sent, can the bandwidth of the audio channel be widened to 15 kHz? Then, when data stream starts again, the audio channel reverts back to 8 kHz Right now much of the audio doesn’t sound very good. Is some of the audio being picked up by shortwave?

You mean kbps, right?

Yes, my error. I should have been looking at the Tuner Status and bitrate. So, would a higher bitrate help the audio?

Higher bitrate would definitely help, but our maximum bitrate now is 10 kbps.

What codec is used for the audio. If it is mp3 there are much better options available.https://opus-codec.org/

This looks interesting. As I understand your reasoning, Gordon, Othernet would feed the VOA radio stream into Opus and then take the output and put it up on the satellites for us all to receive. Thus improving our listening. Am I correct? Ken

We are already using Opus.

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At what bit rate and sample?