Will a Direct TV Receiver work to receive Outernet content?

I am going to be using a Direct TV satellite dish(with receiver) that I no longer use for DirectTV content. I was wondering if it could receive outernetcontent.

You can probably use the dish and LNB. And then you would need to build your Outernet Receiver using Raspberry Pi.

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Can you check the specs of your LNB? We are at Ku-band and the receiver needs a downconverted signal between 950 MHz and 2100 MHz.

It would be great to test the signal quality of such a small dish. Could you send us that information? In the future we are planning on increasing power from the satellite so that smaller dishes can be used. But as of right now, I’d be skeptical of anything under 60cm working.

But there is only one way of finding out!

Here are the specs for downconverted signal and electromagnetic frequency. I think it is in the range of the Ku band:

I/P Frequency: 12.2-12.7 GHz
O/P Frequency: 950-1450 MHz

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Did you get your dish to work with the OReciver? @GreggSchaffter
I have two Dish units and one is even an HD system but i can’t seem to get a signal but i’ll try again with the KU band settings.