Will is support Text To Speech?

I found out about this site from an article on the BBC and one of the supposed flaws was illiteracy. They pointed out that using audio books or files would take up to much bandwidth so my question is will there be a text to speech system built into the software for the E-books? This opens up the system to many more users.

Also on a side note, does the client download from the hotspot too? So I connect to the hotspot call up the start page and there is the client for me to download and install rather than me having to have had internet at some point before using it?

I am quite interested in this it seems like an updated teletext/ceefax service.

We might not support text-to-speech directly in near future, but it’s possible to distribute software with such functionality in our broadcast.

The receiver runs a web server of its own, which serves as client interface. There is no need to download anything to your computer/phone.

in theory you can mod the web server ( more then likely on a RasPi) To output the name of a file when its ether started downloading or has downloaded so you can get a audible notification about the download. Of you can even do a timed queue to say is, has, or how much download you have or what ever you wish or add this into the Raspi but since i don’t have one set up as a receiver right now i can’t say whether or not this is possible.


It is written in python so adding a sound being played on an audio interface wouldn’t be hard. The hard part is getting the pi to talk to a speaker, depending on the pi you have. The B+ integrates both video and audio in that port, like a camcorder. It’s actually a little obnoxious to get to work properly, but i’ve never tried to use it as audio only. I do know there’s specific software in the raspbian distribution to make use of it in that way.