Will we ever be getting ebooks on the dreamcatcher?

Part of the promise of the lantern back in the indiegogo days was “a library in every pocket”. To me, ebooks are a big part of that promise.

Free ebooks are available. There are public domain books at Project Gutenberg (https://www.gutenberg.org/). Baen has free ebooks with “no conditions, no strings attached” (All Books)

Using ebooks on the dreamcatcher could be as simple as sending out a text file. A bit more pleasant user experience may come from proving a ebook reader on the web interface, see the one Baen uses for an example (Read Online). The most complicated way to do it would be to send epub files and hope user devices had some mechanism to download and read them.

The news and Wikipedia articles that come down to the dreamcatcher are such a grab bag I end up looking at things I would not have found otherwise. Getting a new ebook every day where I do not know what is going to be would be exciting.



I’d love for this to become a reality too.