Windows 10 and the C.H.I.P. USB interface

First hurdle :

Took the C.H.I.P. out of the box and connected it to the USB port on my computer and waited for the magic to happen. As one might expect, it didn’t :slight_smile:

Under windows 10 the driver required to access the C.H.I.P. is not readily available. The device will show up as a “CDC Gadget” with a yellow warning indicator in your device manager.

The solution :

This link will lead you to a working driver that you can install , after which the C.H.I.P. will appear as " PI USB to Serial (COMx)" in your Device manager.

From there it’s a matter of firing up Putty and attaching to the indicated COM port. In my case it was COM5.

Details :

Onward! Onward!

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Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve added this to our publicly editable FAQ. This was the first question on the list.