Wondering about the current data usage of the link

Ok I’ll have to update my post when I can fight with the mobile editor more but I was wondering about how much repeating data there is being tranmitted and how much space there would be to put additional data in the same link to the othernet link like adding more weather data or other types of data.

Don’t know exactly what you mean. But I started a new 8GB sd card about
two weeks ago. Just as a “fresh start”

So the amount downloaded from the carousal (obviously some overwrites of repeats)

If I read it correctly I have 7 % of 5.8GB in the download folder…
so approx. 392 MB after two weeks.

I am trying to figure out how much more useful data they could cram with the same link buget.

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For starters, there are many languages that I can’t read. I do know 4.1 languages.