Working Status in Qatar

Recently I bought one Dreamcatcher v3.05 Data Radio Kit. Is this will work in Doha - Sate of Qatar. Is there is anyone using this in Doha please kindly contact with me.

My whatsapp & Mobile No. is +974 33909998.


Mohamed Nasser

There is no coverage there currently. I’m surprised you were able to purchase a dreamcatcher.

Mohamed, welcome!
You can see a good coverage map in this thread.

If you have access to a small Ku band offset dish you might be able to receive the signal, if the mini-dish isn’t enough you might find a 2m wide or larger C band dish your odds of getting a signal go up with the number of square cm of area you can focus onto your LNB.
I am not saying these will make your set work, I have a set that included a Maverick LNB and it is not working in the Dead Sea area; I am waiting for the dual band LNB which is what other Astra 23b beam users in Europe are having success with. Keep us informed, we are mostly hackers here on the forums and people on the edge of coverage present some of the most interesting challenges.
Since you already have the hardware(what hardware version do you have?) we would love to hear if you can receive a signal with or without using a dish reflector.
As demandzm says below, your odds are pretty bad but you already have the hardware in hand, you could get rid of it or you could have fun experimenting and let us know how it works out. I still wish you the best of luck.

While this may be possible in theory he needs to know that his chances of getting a signal is slim.

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demandzm, I agree with you from a consumer electronics standpoint. There is value in the hacking though, I don’t think most of us NEED a working Othernet station, the fun is making it work. The same can be said for my old DIY Othernet L-band rigs and my ham radio stuff too. Maybe I am strange I vary rarely ever transmit any of my radios except to test, the fun is in designing and tweaking a radio and antenna.
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I realize that but I wanted to make it clear of his chances. This could be a very expensive and time consuming project with a small chance of success. A lot of people on this forum would be willing to do this, he may not.

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On the other hand the radio astronomy approach grabbing an out of spot signal from scatter off of the spacecraft would be a glorious narrative I would like to read about 10x more than another lame Hollywood remake. Not unlike the hams with DIY gear doing earth-moon-earth QSLs with GPS disciplined WSPR stations at <50dB EIRP sometimes not even using dishes but just big yaggis.