Writing ORxPi image to SD card

I buy Raspberry pi and dvbs2 (tevii) …
and i download http://archive.outernet.is/images/ORxPi-update-latest.zip and write it to sd card with win 32 disk imager but my raspberry pi 2 model B can’t boot…
I update last zImage but my raspberry cant boot
and I recive taransponde in hotbird with dvb…
please help me (step by step) to create bootable sd card for join outernet

This thread was about bringing in content through USB, not via satellite.

The guide to creating an SD card is here:


It really is as simple as following the steps.

The update image is not meant to be written to SD cards. You will need this one:


thank You Mr branko, but when I create bootable sd card as following the steps, my bootable sd card not work (not boot raspberry pi2 model B)
can you help me? thanX

Raspberry Pi 2 is not supported (yet).

when can I use raspberry pi 2 you think?

I don’t have a date yet.

rasberry pi 2 model B v1.1

my raspberry pi is model B v 1.1

here hint that Raspberry Pi model B or B+ (see Known issues below)

Raspberry Pi 2 B and Raspberry Pi B are not the same board. They have different CPUs.

None of the above links does work.

I found the images for Raspberry Pi B here:

However only the version 0.2.8 and versions below wil work.

Can someone confirm this?