News Feeds from Voice of America


I just ran the script again on my local machine. 217kb today. It was 207kb Yesterday.

This is six items each from Voa for Africa, USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas

Plus 12 in Spanish from

One in Mandarin from

And one in Arabic from

So I guess the question for @syed is whether there is more capacity?

I guess I’d like to add some more languages if possible?

Maybe three each from 10kb 10kb 10kb 10kb

Would 250kb a day be OK with you @Syed?


240kB is fine for now, as long as each file is 10kB or less.


@Syed Is that a hard limit or a guideline?

The Chinese & Arabic character set seem to use up more space, so the three Chinese items from the UN take up 21Kb for example.

Also the 12 Spanish items are coming in at 50Kb… (Although only 10 new items, two from yesterday, so I could reduce that down to 10 items/ 39Kb)

Is that OK?




In my search for additional RSS feeds, I ran across the Associated Press and made contact with them by phone at their Washington DC, office.

I explained Outernet’s potential usage, and they said they had never considered a global transmission capability. They will staff an answer for me.

What they did tell me is they charge a fee to public radio stations for rebroadcast usage of news feeds (printed not RSS), and it is based on listen audience numbers. E.G. Baltimore stations with less listernship are charged less than outlets in New York City with larger listening audiences. But the whole world was mind boggling to them.

Private readership (as you or I would do with an internet connection) is only usable by the individual. I will report more when they get back to me. Ken


Ken this is fantastic networking / opportunity building.

Syed could you please make Sam and Ken honorary Volunteer “News” aggregators etc and give them permission to write to all NEWS outlets big and small, Commercial and FREE and even controversial and talk about spreading news via Outernet L-Band Library service.


While then Associated Press is a not-for-profit company they are not a non-profit organization as public radio stations are. They don’t qualify for tax donations off our income taxes in the US.

They have a different philosophy than say Bloomberg News or CNN. That is why they interested me. That said, I began to think about how much news Outernet should be broadcasting, or how many news sources do we want. Surely many languages, but I’m thinking only a few highly regarded sources - - especially if there are fees involved.

What do you all think? Ken


10kB may end up being a hard number. How about turning each individual article into a file? That way there is never an issue with file size.


Hi Syed

Yep already working one one-file-per article :slight_smile: It’s a pain from a UX point of view though, so I’m trying to get a list of headlines too that link to the local files. It’s proving tricky for my non existent coding skills, but I am enjoying it as a challenge…


Hello All

I know @Syed wants to reduce Filecaste data rates below 10 kB, but some of us have got news feeds down below 100kB - - but not quite below the new 10 kB objective.

Until you figure out the solution, why don’t you let us feed Filecast News files between 10 and 100 kB? :rage: :rage: Ken


How much data is being transmitted a day?

Are all three satellites sending out identical data?


@kenbarbi Sorry started talking about this on a seperate thread

The script I wrote is spitting out files like this for USA or the Middle East
Or international news in Spanish

It’s far from perfect! But after compression, they do come in to near enough 10kb. So I think they may start coming down early next week with luck :slight_smile:


Yes - - these are GREAT and really look good :slight_smile:, and I’m looking forward to reading them every morning when I fire up my computer over my morning coffee.

@sam_uk - - Let’s wait to see what happens next week with Outernet, and what rxOS 3.2 has to offer. I know @Syed would probably agree with me.

Given that VOA, UN or RFA may not be the final answer, it’s a good test bed. So if we can’t find the right NEWS SOURCE there, maybe the Associated Press will fill the bill (and I am working with them to see if we can make something happen). In any case, I think once a viable NEWS SOURCE - - downloaded thru the Outernet Constellation - - is found, it will provide what the news starved world needs.

That said, what other single non-public domain NEWS SOURCE makes sense to nurture? Ken


Thanks for making the effort on this Sam.


What A Coup!

VOA News Feeds are coming down and there is a a News Folder right before Weather. Congratulations are in order here. Ken


I agree absolutely excellent.

Outernet is a very useful service.


three cheers for @sam_uk!

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Love the news, but is it possible to make the titles more descriptive than just News?


They should have titles like ? Is that not the case?


Looked again - if I use the recent tab I get a bunch of lines that all just say “NEWS in News”. I do see the file names if I use the browse tab in the News directory. As long as the browse tab keeps the recent ones on top then it will be OK, but I think it is alphabetical, so old Africa news will appear before new Americas news. My suggestion would be to have the recent tab show the filename (probably not in your power). Otherwise the answer is going to be awkward - use a descending number at the front of the file name so newest stays on top, to have the user delete old news once read (not good for multi-user systems), or some other kludge.


I’ve found to get the detail on the feeds you need to click on the BROWSE tab. Ken