Othernet HTML data selector Version#4

These with different web browser ( 3 frame)
Thanks all for testing.

Alberto, my apologies for getting your name wrong on my post. The formatting had nothing to do with you, it was getting the file from the “view page source” in my browser to my HTML editor (DiDa). When Firefox showed the page source code, it inserted a bunch of figures in place of the < and > in the html. Your call sign caught my attention, as mine is W0HU. The DiDa editor used Internet Explorer as a browser, and that is where I tested it. Haven’t had time to see what Firefox will do to it. The code looks clean and simple, should work there. I did try it and Firefox only shows the first and last frames, as others have stated here. Jerry

No problem Jerry.
Yes , very similar call. I have an Italy in front and this make miles and miles of difference.
Cause you wright about the html format and Ken also have had problems ( only two frames) I put again the code and how it looks like here.
This Othernet is awesome project i’m happy to spend some of the time to do experiments on it.

73 de IW0HJZ rome ITALY

And the third picture is a firefox web browser with all the 3 frame, could you please check again the code.

I found another error on my “interpretation”, but it hasn’t cleared up the problem yet. I will keep checking and see what I haven’t managed to get clean on the correct coding. I am missing a lot, after seeing your screen shots above. Thanks for that, it is helpful. I wil keep you informed as I work through it. Jerry

Nice job Alberto,

I am using firefox , to get to the login screen link labeled “Radio”
I had to remove the port call :8090 from the line listed below

<a href="http://YOURIPADDRESS:8090/" target="_blank">  Radio</a>

and make it

<a href="http://YOURIPADDRESS/" target="_blank">  Radio</a>

Hi Jim, yes it is correct, but you lost the direct link with the radio page.

Please note that the port 8090 only work during radio ( audio) downloads files.
When you select “radio” from the menu page it come out even without audio files downloading and you have mute radio ( no sound).

It is great to have all yours feedback, guys. Thanks a lot

I hand rewrote Alberto’s code for my IP and it worked fine. Here’s a picture of the page source in Firefox:

When I used Jerry’s source just modified to my IP address, it did not work properly only displaying the News and APRS data, but it reads the same, but Firefox renders it in different colors:

It is baffling - - I hope you can read the pics. Ken

Hi Ken and Alberto,
I found the remaining errors and corrected them, it now works and produces the same product Alberto has shown us here. In the “orthographic” statement, what is the number 2048 representing?

Here’s a picture of my source code modified for my IP - -

Over to you Jerry Ken

Where were the errors - - I couldn’t find any problems in your HTML code? Ken

I think that represents Alberto’s Grid coordinate for the Weather picture. Ken

yes, correct! It si like a zoom or how big the map on the screen will be.

I also like the way Alberto’s display allows you to change the sort order of the Wikipedia articles. :heart_eyes: Ken

Look carefully just following the 99%, there needs to be >< and the > is missing. Also found several others, causing the end () statements to not end, etc. The page source viewer messed up all the < and > marks and at midnight last night I missed a bunch of them while fixing it up. I actually printed out a screen shot of the code from the forum of the left half, then the right half of the code and taped them together so I could get it as original as possible, then went through it mark by mark to correct it. Thanks, guys!


How do get the number? I can’t get my map to give me any. Ken

I need new glasses - - I completely missed that! :sleepy: Ken

Which number? 2048 is my own choice, you can use 1024 or other, up to you.

about coordinates, but I guess you know, go to weather page and once you have choice the part of the hearth you like klick to the maps and a green circle is show , now you can read the coord at bottom left.

Yes - - I see. The 10.33, 41.21 are your lat/long. Ken