Outernet 3.0: 30kbps now, 100kbps eventually - even smaller antenna


Outernet on L-Band is finally dead on Alphasat :frowning:

It seems like it was deactivated yesterday at around 9:13 (AM) UTC.

There are the last files i was able to get.



yup i agree no lock in my area in upstate NY also I am ready for the new one.


Out with the old and on with the new.


… “IN with the new”! No problem only I hope the New goes On! :sunglasses:


do we have some kind of eta of the kits to setup the new systems


Has anyone found a 5v 2a power cube that is waterproof or environmentally qualified ?
I have found a “marine” rated usb gasketed/theaded outet/socket, but hard to source. During our recent -20 deg weather, followed by a rain/thaw/freeze my typical indoor cube failed completely, Not really unexpected.

update: I thawed everything out and it was the dreamcatcher v.203 that is kaput. Everything was dry but obviously it didn’t like a 80 deg F temperature swing.

next time I will probably use this potted power supply


Hopefully with this new version of the dreamcatcher board and using g regular coax cable the dreamcatcher board can now get to hide in side on the setups that used to require the board to be allmost next to the attenna.


Yes, we think the analog front end can be a good distance from the receiver.


That’s pretty nice supply. Nice find.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


i agree that would work good for the setups where you want no acculal connectors to get gunked or screwd up


a screenshot of where NSS-7 in the sky from south east England.
Fortunately I’m moving to the eastern United States so I won’t have to wait!


@Syed will the new board be sold in a kit that has the lnb included?




"What we’ve got here is failure to communicate"
From 1967 movie “Cool Hand Luke”

Not giving up. Next info release?


“Not giving up. Next info release?”… Yes, Please! and some on APAC coverage…?




Yes, we definitely plan to bring APAC back. I don’t know exactly when, but it will not be forgotten.


New test signal is up. This will be signed for this week. It is pretty close to G28. Blog post to come tomorrow or Friday.


Can you share details on the signal? Frequency, bandwidth, modulation and such? I remember you referencing some tricks to get more SNR. Are you summing signal while you repeat the same symbol X times?


Good news - - G28 is at 89 deg W. That vicinity gets nice North America coverage. Don’t know if you’ll be using G28, but notionally G28’s Ku-band footprint shown below is representative. Ken

2018-02-01 08_18_59-SatBeams - Satellite Details - Galaxy 28 (G-28, Telstar 8, Intelsat Americas 8,


What will be included with the new 3.01 package? It sounds like the Dreamcatcher and LNB. Will any cable between the two be included?