Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


Signal is back here in Germany! :sunglasses:

Changed frequency in the /etc/skylark_config.json and applied the satellite setting in the webinterface after that.

Got a few packets decoded already, but I need to readjust my Antenna to get a good Signal when i’m back from work.

PS: My CHIP&SDRx is now running for 160 Days 24/7 in my 3D printed Case :relaxed:



this json modification “resets” in my Dreamcatcher after a reboot, so might there is a better workaround for this… @Abhishek might advise on that.


yes, my experience as well when I had a bit of a play trying to modify then frequency of the “Custom” satellite…



yeah, at least works until reboot :slight_smile: Mine up since 16 hours with the new freq:


how do I change the frequency in Sklyark for CHIP? I found no frequency in the /etc/skylark_config.json.


Proper workaround for changing Skylark frequency:

  1. connect by terminal to your Dreamcatcher

  2. open this config file with VI editor:
    vi /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

  3. Edit only the custom frequency and symbol rate setting (every other will change back on reboot)

                                "label": "Custom",
                                "value": "custom",
                                "freq": "1546.25",
                                "symbolrate": "4200"
4. Select "custom frequency" in tuner GUI in Skylark and click apply.

<img src="/uploads/db5774/original/2X/7/791b02854d40051075817a5e324a0c6a02e3d6a2.png" width="645" height="500">

New image - with new EMEA frequency
It's this software still working?
CHIP won't start after updating Frequency


Any news on a signal for Asia?


Nothing new, unfortunately. No ETA as of right now.

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Hi Zoltan,

thank you for the quick answer. But I am using a CHIP -the config.json is looking somewhat different and I guess the frequency has to be changed somewhere else.


it should be the same, you just need to scroll down a lot, it’s settings is almost at the end
you can search in VI with this command:

/string search forward for occurrence of string in text

but @Abhishek might advise on CHIP workaround


thank you, Zoltan, getting packets now:


Good reception in Belgium after changing the frequency, better SNR than before on the array antenna (7 dB SNR)


yeah, interestingly my SNR is increased to compared to the previous freq…


Just received my Outernet Dreamcathcer V2.03.

Pls. let me know the hardware interface for terminal mode to use VI editor.

Can I use this new freq 1546.25 MHz on Alphasat here in Middle East?



You can use a USB to UART adapter on UART1 pin header or any SSH client after your board connected to your local wifi network


@zoltan: I don’t know if it’s related or not, but after the modifications made in the skylark_config.json file, the News section of the GUI, throws this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined
at _finished (
at ShadowHandler._Handler.onVFSRequestCompleted (
at Object.onsuccess (

any idea what I can do to fix this ?



Thanks zoltan…

Im interested in " or any SSH client after your board connected to your local wifi network "
cause i have not done this before. Can you please let me know the detail.

Also in my board, no RS232 header. It comes with SPI and JTAG and TWI only.


Hi zoltan

May I know the parameters of the UART speed, start/stop bit, parity, etc?
Can I use any terminal simulator like VT100 on windows10?
I’m on Windows10, do I have to install Linux to access this VI editor.

Any word from Sat provider that this change of freq is temporary or permanent?
Did Outernet offer a permanent solution?