2.5 Firmware Release - ORx/Lighthouse

I’m happy to announce that after a great deal of work, 2.5 is finally here, and with it some exciting changes.
E: See this post for some awesome news regarding bundles, the RSS feeder, and Pageshot.

Images are available through these links (index files are not up to date, will be resolved soon):


1. Bundles
2. Ability to use external storage alongside internal
3. Disk space low notification
4. No longer requiring ext_store label on ext storage
5. No longer limiting ext store usage to single platform
6. Various bugfixes :P
7. New bugs :P

Disappearing Content on External Storage

If content from external storage suddenly disappears, do not panic. Unplug storage, give Librarian few minutes (like 5) to let it remove all the newly gone files from its index. Plug storage back in, then give Librarian another 5~10 minutes to reindex the content on the external device.

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Just want to report that 2.5 is working great for me. It appears to resolve the “Step 3” problem from rc2 and rc3, and also the indexing issues I was having with 2.3.

Thanks for the great release. :smile:


I’ll my congratulations here too.

My Lighthouse is working fine at this time from Galaxy 19. Tweets with pictures are arriving, and various article are appearing in the Library Section. I did a SD restore to my system when I added 2.5. I will connect an NTFS formatted hard drive later after I gain a bit more confidence in 2.5. :grinning: Ken

mine also works: ORxPi/2.5000, Geniatech, Hotbird E13. Library menu starts to fill, but still 404s (I guess it takes some time to fill up). Also no tweets right now.

We identified a bug in ORxPi images regarding the 404s. Will issue a hotfix today.

My ORxPi with 2.5 firmware is now up and running. Still I am not getting any 404s. I’m reporting on ABS-2.

404 happens with external storage. Please report if you get it with internal storage. It’s a different issue.

yes, sure.
EDIT: Seems this current release (2.5) has much more performance than the previous releases.

Branko, should I worry about this issue with Lighthouse running 2.5 when I plug in my hard drive? Ken

No, this only affects Pi1 and Pi2 (that we know of, har har har)

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