2206 need help

Hi. I bay dreamcatcher 2206. I need instructions. I need link for setting. Thanks

Hi Roman - - go to the WIKI on the Forum page for information about setting up your Dreamcatcher. Ken




All lowercase Ken

Only locked wifi

Select Othernet and log in as you started above, using othernet as your password. (Type in the word othernet on the line where it says Enter Password).

Password? no start


It looks like you have successfully connected to the UI. I think now you’ll need to point the LNB.

Why is no working (Skylark)

Maybe wrong soft?

the ip addres is correct… then once in , go settings and put it on your net ( if you have one) …

I can’t open

you hav e a 2206 board… look:Dreamcatcher $99 - #47 by Syed

are you try to use skylark image with this board? for this board there is a github repository…above link.
hope this help

-8db signal good?

good enough I am at -7 and don’t have any packet loss and that’s what you are trying to avoid which is packet loss. Cant remember what the min signal strength number required for it to receive data successfully.

how long does it take to fully accept at least some file? 5 minutes, 2 hours? radio files will receive? aprs?