Coverage in South America, is it available?

I was reading that among the plans of 2019 was to give coverage to South America and that they had launched satellites for that in January or February of this year, could I already dust off my dreamcatcher and use it here?

they are using now the ses4 europe beam (on ku band ?)

this sat also have coverage on South Smerica

but I do not think they’re transmitting to SA

excellent, I ask for novice, the ses-2 I can not see it for being in the United States, however, if I update the firware of the board (dreamcatcher) is it possible that I can connect using the ses-4, with coverage in my area?

thank you

At this time, Simon, I don’t believe SES-4’s Europe beam is operational. Othernet did not have a beam up on SES-4’s North America or Southern cone that I could find.

I have worked SES-2 off the North West coast of Cuba in the Caribbean, and got good results. But it doesn’t cover Central and South America - - only Mexico. Ken

thank you, I still think that try to see if I see it will not be bad to spend time :slight_smile: