Dreamcatcher 3.05 Case Options

Hi guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster… I’m about to join the Othernet community after ordering a DC 3.05 a few days ago.

Reading through some of the threads about cases, it appears there’s lots of active user led development in home made 3D cases, but I could only find one recent reference to a case being included within the official kit… And that’s not shipping with 3.05.

My question is, when or if the team eventually do get to a stage where they’re ready to include a case, is it likely to be available to purchase separately so I can use it with the 5.03 kit? If it can, does anyone know a timescale for this?

Also, in the interim, are there any case options for the 3.05 kit? I don’t own a 3D printer, so I’m trying to find options that avoid having to find a service that offers printing… are there any suggestions for the UK?



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Just received my 3.05, the removal of the two projecting sma connectors and moving the wifi usb and power usb into the chopped off corners help a little.

Now it fits in square opening of 120mm (or about 4.7" x 4.7"). or circular of about 6 inches diameter.

I am searching for a nema 1 (indoor) or nema 3r (outdoor) electrical PVC to place it inside of and still have wifi penetrate the box

I can only provide answers related to the new enclosure for 3.05. Only the 3.05 will have an Othernet-produced enclosure. All previous versions will not fit inside of the new housing.

This is the new enclosure. The mold is being cut in China, which is also where the circuit board is made. We have a great relationship with our contract manufacturer, but the plastic mold injection supplier has not been communicative at all. We are easily two months behind schedule on getting this steel cut.

Yes, we will make the enclosure available for anyone who has purchased a Dreamcatcher v3.05. I’ve been told two-weeks for about eight-weeks now.


We have had a couple of major changes since the last time I posted anything about the enclosure. The purpose of the stand is hold a power pack or a power supply and extension cord. It’s ended being much larger than I wanted, but at least it covers all bases.

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That looks like the void space under the green item is the power, then 110vac cord would enter via one other slots in the red item ? Will it have slots to rotate the upper parts for pointing ?

and leave two or three slots in the red to screw the package onto a window sill (would need 8" deep window sill)

The area within the light blue part is used to contain the 110VAC cord and USB power supply. Yes, the cable enters through one of the four slots of the red bottom plate.

The LNB is adjusted before the cover/radome is attached. The entire enclosure must be rotated to line up with the satellite. Yes, the slots in the bottom platform were left exposed to be used as clamp/screw points.


Any update on this? Can this be purchased?


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My latest build:

Power, LNB all inside the case until needed.


How thick is that case?

Approximately 1/8", but the rim that seals the top and bottom is a little over 1/4" and includes a rubbery gasket all around the rim. It is from WalMart in the Outdoor section.

Inside measurements 8.5" x 6" x 3"

It isn’t as tough as a resin based case, but travels well, this is the third unit I have built into one of these.

When will this case be availabe @Syed ?

This particularly case won’t be produced any time soon. We will instead have something similar to a drybox/Otterbox.

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Oh that’s too bad x(
This other case doesn’t look as great as the previous one x(

And when will it be released?

Any word on a case? I have two Dreamcatcher v3.05, and want to by a third, but I can’t find a good case like the one in your pictures. Please advise.

If anyone has the plans for a printed one, please let me know. Got a guy that is willing to print me a case, but I need plans.

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Part - II
Sorry to hit the group twice on the same subject, but I have a need. .
I have a son that loves STEM, but he lives with my ex- and I showed him the Dreamcatcher v3.05 - I recently got another one for him, and I want to build him a kit - the only thing I am missing is a good case. If the price is cheap, I’ll buy a a couple cases and a couple more v3.05. I want something that will work well for a 10-year old (simple instructions: point this way, plug this in here, type in this URL. . . ) My experience is that a naked circuit board and a 10-year don’t mix. Also, how much longer do you plan having this entire setup running? I am willing to invest, but I don’t want to switch to new equipment. Please advise.

No reason to be sorry–emails are free!

All of the files for the dome-looking enclosure are below. It’s not a cheap print, but it is printable. Are you using FDM or SLA?

Question: How much longer do you plan to have this entire setup running.
Answer: I hope it runs forever, but that doesn’t answer your question. The reason that previous Othernet receivers stopped working was because the frequency and modulation from the satellite changed. For the next receiver, neither the frequency band nor the modulation is changing. It’s still Ku-band and we are still using a LoRa transceiver as the modem. The Dreamcatchers will still be able to receive files.

In the coming weeks we will finalize new leases with SES. This may lead to changes in the radio settings (frequency, bandwidth, spreading factor, coding rate), but those are changes that can be made in the Skylark UI.

BASE_9-17-19.STL (4.9 MB)
PLATFORM_9-17-19.STL (5.3 MB)
PBC-COVER_9-17-19.STL (3.1 MB)
SWIVEL_9-17-19.STL (13.3 MB)
CONE-CLAMP-LONG_9-17-19.STL (8.2 MB)
RADOME_9-17-19.STL (23.5 MB)



Thanks - Unknown if its FDM or SLA - I sent it to a friend trhat has a printer - unknown of the type.On SES: Do you expect an improvement with the new leases with SES? By that I mean better coverage and/or stronger signal here in the New York portion of the United States?

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The goal of the new leases is for coverage to be expanded. This will come at the expense of bitrate in North American and Europe. The signal strength should be the same.

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