Dreamcatcher 5

Thanks for the efforts Syed and MWAVE_JON, I’m still running my V3.03 at a remote site and love it. Had to replace the LNB when it failed last year with a Bullseye and replaced the USB connector with a small screw terminal to power the board but still running fine. My only snag is trying to boost the wifi signal (system is stand alone on a pole with solar) to reach the building. Looking forward to the improved version.

With all the onboard DC voltage converters, do you think this could be a source of unwanted switching noise and interference?

When I ran my Dreamcatcher outside, I setup a WiF repeater for my indoor network and located it at an outdoor ac plug to extend its range to the Dreamcatcher. It worked well. That might be a viable option for you, Steve. Ken

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Good call Ken, I have one laying around and I’ll give it a try. Thanks

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The Dreamcatcher can still be placed away from the LNB, and connected and powered by RG6 cable like on the V3 boards, right?
Where I plan on putting the LNB I can’t have the Dreamcatcher there with it, there is no easy access to power and getting a stable network connection would be very hard if not impossible, but there is RG6 cable there. Also if I could remotely connect a LNB would I need to buy a special amplifier for a dCSS LNB, or will any good quality satellite amplifier work?

Sorry if I mistook someone or didn’t see something.

This version of the product will externally connect the LNB to the Dreamcatcher (receiver circuit board). A future version will integrate all of the electronics onto the same PCB, but we are nowhere close to that now.

What you are describing is fine, as the LNB can be separate from the receiver with a length of cable–just like the 3.05 version.

How long is the cable between the Dreamcatcher and LNB? You may not need an amplifier, depending on cable length.

Wow this is an awesome new design. As soon as it is available I will be purchasing the kit!!! Thank you all for your perseverance on this project!!!

Many of us use a Pico Digital LA-2150D Series Satellite IF Inline Amplifier which adds 20 dB of additional signal gain and significantly improves SNR. If you are running longer stretches of 75 ohm cable, this is a way of accommodating loss.

Jerry @maxboysdad does, and I use 2 of them - - one at the LNB end and one at the Dreamcatcher end. Ken

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Loss gain NF are totally separate. G/T is the dominating factor or the C/N at input. Gain is easy but will not improve SNR in 99 percent of cases as the signal is already lost. Lora is different as it can cope with negative snr but it’s dependant on the link and dominated by the same laws.
If snr is low adding gain will make snr worse but will improve signal level. Degradation in snr is due to noise figure, environmental conditions, nonlinearity and temperature.

Signal at input of lnb has best snr. It can’t be read as the signal is so small in uV. So it’s amplified by lnb which introduces almost zero noise.

Typical lband amplifier is 4 to 20x worse than lnb. SNR improvements seen by adding amplifiers is due to dynamic range of rx front end in receiver but are degrading SNR

Like you can’t hear a conversation in a noisy room.
Person moves closer and shouts louder.
Background noise is the same in room but their voice is now severely distorted, you hear it but its still poor.

Reduce background noise at same conversation level and voice is perfect. Lower overall level but better SNR.

In most cases its C/N +N + I

Just physics


C/N is original SNR then + N which is noise from system after front end Vs temperature and I is interferers Xpol & nonlinearity ( ACPR etc)
So unless you are superconducting snr will always degrade with gain.

But… if you can’t hear, the raw signal level will still show a better SNR but the receiver can’t hear or its outside the dynamic range of the RX. Therefore adding gain is still an improvement and gets a closure but SNR degrades by C And I. Versus no signal its still a better connection but lower SnR but if the link is operating well gain is detrimental in SNR

Would the all in one receiver have some way of providing power over coax, and something similar for network? The dish would be approximately 100-150 feet away from the house, because of that I’d be concerned that I’d buy one and not be able to use it because the wifi range would be awful.

The satellite dish I plan on setting up the Dreamcatcher 5 with runs through approximately a 150 feet run of Low Loss RG-6 rated to 3Ghz.

Thanks for clearing that up,

The fully-integrated receiver that @MWAVE_JON is talking about is a flat antenna, down converter, and Dreamcatcher circuit all inside of a deck of cards. Is that what you’re talking about?

The Dreamcatcher 5 is functionally similar to the previous versions, which can drive an external LNB from a length of cable. But 100 feet is a lot of loss.

Hi, what is the “lowest rev” Dreamcatcher board that works? I moved and I think the latest I have is 3.03 … and was is the latest firmware for 3.03, if in fact it is still usable?
Many thanks Syed!

Yes, the 3.03 is still compatible with the network. I don’t recall general sales of Dreamcatcher 3 prior to the 3.03 version.

Couple of Q’s:
Any update on the new alpha v5 hardware?
Any eta on when it will be available to general public?
If its months any recommendations where I can pick up the older version?

i would love to get my hands on the next gen of the hardware also with the new antenna unfortunately this dream catcher 3 has gained some quirks don’t know why but would love to help the process move forward.

The latest prototype is on its way to me. I’ll be testing it as soon as I get it. We have most of the hard-to-get parts on hand once the board is confirmed. Should be able to do 100-unit production pretty quickly.

@Capt.Serenity The price for the new kit will be around $50, but that’s at normal production volume. 100-units is kind of expensive to produce.

You might get lucky with a post on this forum titled Wanted to Buy.

Sure , I would try it, I want to keep current if possible, my setup doesn’t work right now… but I still support othernet

Wanted to Buy

Dreamcatcher version 5.0 kit.