Dreamcatcher $99

During the above session:

Opening the Wifi Client screen does not show the SSID of my network, but shows an SSID of “myWifi”, as though there was no change recorded (unlike previous iterations of DreamCatchers).

Opening the Wifi AP screen shows the SSID of “Othernet DC4”. As is shown by the screen shot above, it is still advertising the AP “Othernet”, even though a static address is assigned from my network. And if the unit is re-started, it will temporarily revert and connect, and when the receiver frequency is saved, it will work as a client for a short time, then goes to “Connection Error”, and has to be re-connected or rebooted to resume reception.

In both screens, these items are both greyed out in the selection boxes, even though the assigned URL does show on the dashboard as shown on the screenshot above.

The appearance is that this unit is trying to be both a Client and an Access Point at the same time, and not switching over to being a full-time client once that choice is populated by the operator.

OH - - OK. Good point about trying the connection far away from my router, let me try that. I’ll let you know how it goes. Ken

Ah! Success - - I got back in and removed the bad data I had typed in. Now I’ll work on getting it connected to my home WIFI to port forward. Thanks, Ken

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Excellent. Glad to know that fix worked—and that concurrent AP/STA is working.

I wrote down the number of packets downloaded when I made my last edit yesterday, 25-05-2023 23:49 MDT and checked this morning 26-05-2023 10:10 MDT, and it made it to 531 more until it came up with the “Connection Error”. This unit has “permanent” lease status. Apparently does not switch to client status after setup, or only does so temporarily, then goes back to AP only status.

This morning 26-05-2023 10:15 MDT I reconnected via the browser, saved the receiver information, and it made it to 554 packets and POW! Connection Error. So is this unit defective, or is there a problem in the AP / Client relationship switching in the software?

Sudden change; at around 26-05-2023 11:45 MDT I reset the Client information (input the same SSID and Password as before) and connected via the browser at the assigned address. The unit has continued to operate now for 1-1/2 hours and is still taking downloads.

Update, Connection Error showed up at 26-05-2023 13:25. Had to save Receiver setup and re-connect with the browser. Stayed connected only ten minutes.


It’s a bug in the firmware. We think it has been resolved. I’m still testing. I’ll post instructions on how to flash tonight.

Is it normal that the only way to start the 2023 model is to first disable the LNB voltage in the Receiver menu, then re-enable the LNB voltage? I have to do this each time the Dreamcatcher is powered on to get it to work.

Can you please show a screenshot of the hardware and firmware version?

Hi Syed, please see the device information below.

Ok, let’s start with new firmware first. I’m posting something in the next 30 minutes.

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On the Dreamcatcher 2301 board, what is the led next to U5 used for?

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Do you plan to make a mobile device? Powered by a solar panel directly on the motherboard? Stepper up-down from 1-25V. emergency power: AA or 18650 or battery auto 12V or 24V or lipo …

I’m old man. please add a more buttons and meybe few alphanumeric led or mini screen. Why I must carry 2 device. cell phone and dreamcatcher

No, there is no current plan for that.

;( pity meybe in future. The power is critical for me. Why changing linux to esp and not thinking about power consumptions.

yes, I hate sd card. I need normal usb flash disk and ext4 filesystem :wink:

It’s a received-packet indicator.

The LNB skew setting for my location is -37.4 as per dish pointer online.
Pointing the LNB at the satellite their is skew markings on the back. I have
to actually set my skew setting to +37.4 to get a signal. Is this because I am
pointing at the satellite and not into a dish.


Yes, that’s correct.

My cards (32gb 16gb 8gb fat32) never saved data((

Could you please update to the latest firmware version and also do a long format of the SD on Windows (not by the Dreamcatcher).