Dreamcatcher Availability to Buy

Hello, I’ve been wanting to set up a project using the dreamcatcher for over 2 years.

But every time I try and buy the product, It’s always sold out.

Does anyone know when they will be available to buy again?

Many Thanks :smiley:

I can sell you a used V3.03, if you like. I’m waiting on crystals to be grown (TCXO) before manufacturing the new Dreamcatcher.

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That would be amazing! I spoke to you about this last year at some point i believe too!

How would you like this to work ?

Kind Regards

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I was wanting to know this also.

Hi. Where do you get these crystals?

There are dozens of companies that sell crystals and TCXOs (temperature controlled crystal oscillators). However, there are relatively few factories which actually make the product. Some of the companies include:


52 MHz is not the most common frequency so the crystal needs to be grown specifically for an order. The standard order size is 3000 units.

@S_H @Blayne @i.simple

Sorry it’s taken so long to dig up the old test-units. I have about 6 available which are in decent shape. These are available for $25, which includes shipping in the US.

I know you already know, but these are legacy devices and the software is no longer supported. They will continue to receive data, however. I expect the new version of Dreamcatcher to be available in July.


I am interested in picking one of these up.

Great. I’ll see how much other interest there is and then post a link to a page on the store.

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If anyone is out looking for a unit i no longer have the time to work with mine. I have a v3.05 with a power supply, an avenger lnb and mounting bracket. Shipping out of the US.

I would love to buy one, but I am located in the EU, is that OK? I will of course pay extra for shipping

Yes, I should be able to post the total number of tested (used) Dreamcatchers by tomorrow. I am literally going through dozens of old boxes to find any stray, old boards.

Hidden stash. They still need to be tested.

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Ill take one :smiley: !

Me too! Thanks for the update Syed.

I’ll take one… Please post purchase link.


Looking forward to the new release! I will be purchasing when available:).

Here’s the link to the used Dreamcatchers.

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Is the new one going to be out anytime soon?

Oooo. Got any left?