Dreamcatcher firmware 1.06

Please update to the latest version, which should resolve the errors in file downloading.

The flashing instructions are the same as those found here.

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@Daniac Any improvement?

Yes, here is what I have seen so far :
*Onboard SD Format does not work, essentially the format is unrecognizable so the SD is not recognized (windows long format works fine though)
*News folder created and lots of news articles collected
*opak folder created and opak files are collected
*messages folder created and APRS messages being collected.
I have not received any wiki’s yet to know if the folder and collection works.

The Forum / Messages category no longer delivers a message, I do not see it in the log or in the messages folder .

I will update after it runs a bit longer.

Thanks. This is promising. **The SD formatter was not fixed in this update. It might get removed completely on the next update, as it might be causing too many problems.

I’ll look into the issue with forum messages.

I’m updated to 1.0.6 however I had difficulty keeping my Client WIFI connection - - I had to reset it several times. Still looking at that issue. My port-forwarded terminal is at

I await new files. Ken

@Daniac Please try the message again.

Ok that went a little weird…I sent a test message from the forum and when it started to arrive (I assume it was that message) the DC kind of froze…packet downloading stopped, log continued and the onboard webserver was still working but the download sort of froze at 21.64 %
Memory status is still active and reporting, clock is still working but the download is frozen.

Rebooted and tried the forum message again, and it froze on download again…it appears that there is something different about those form messages is causing it to freeze up? This time it froze at 95.21% .

The log shows that the file completed but it did not get placed in a folder . I don’t know what you have for a function to move the download to a folder but it would appear that when that occurs there is an error that causes the DC to be unable to continue , like it is stuck in a loop possibly?

I am not able to download the 1.06 files. Any ideas? When I click on one, it just moves to the next web page without downloading.

@Daniac Could you please check for the message? It should be there. The frozen percentage is only in UI, which can’t provide an accurate percentage fast enough on such a small file.

@maxboysdad Please try clicking on the individual file and then on the next page, click the download arrow off to the right.

Thanks, what download button?

First screenshot the file downloaded correctly and shows completed.
Second screenshot shows the messages folder where the file does not exist. I’m willing to bet that if I pull the SD card, the file is not in the messages folder.

The download link should appear when you click those three dots.

OK, now I see it. on the line with the file size. Thanks again. J.

Update 4:55 PM MDT unit flashed to 1.06 and appears to be working properly!


Logs at 5:05 PM MDT show only uptime, no downloading activity. Is it required to re-format the sd card on a re-flash? I didn’t remember that to be necessary.

Edit at 5:11 PM MDT File progress seems to be stuck:

I did a fresh windows slow format (not the quick one)
Then go to the receiver settings and uncheck the LNB Power checkbox and save the settings.
Go back to the homepage
Then go to the receiver settings again and put a check in the LNB power check box and save your settings.
Should be up and running after that.

So does this mean that I have to lose all the downloaded files I already have just for this flash upgrade?

Edit: 5:25 PM MDT, file progress just started running again. I’m not messing with it just yet.

You could copy them off and then copy them back later? Or just store them on your hard drive instead? Or you can try your luck with card as is…I don’t know that formatting is a requirement, I just did it so I could test with clean slate to start with.

I just tested the forum message feature again, and it did get added to the messages folder, did not freeze the display, very cool!

I will continue testing and post my findings.

I’ve had mine running 24hrs on firmware 1.06 and it has 100% download functionality.

  • Wikipedia folder got created and populated
  • News folder got created and populated
  • Messages folder got created and populated
  • I have pushed several APRS messages successfully
  • I have pushed a few Forum / Messages successfully

Issues :

  • I have experienced two partial display freezes and the files where successfully downloaded but not placed in messages.
  • I have experienced the SD Format feature not formatting in a recognizable format.

I discovered my FAT32 32 GB micro SD chip was not saving any new files after my upgrade to Firmware Version 1.0.6.

I had to reformat the chip (again as FAT32) to allow messages, news, etc. to be saved and visible in the Files section of the DC. So far, I no longer have problems keeping my DC connected to my Client WIFI as I did initially after I reflashed to 1.0.6. Ken