Dreamcatcher v3.02: Feedback Thread


It is a little bit like the color overlay applied to Black and white TV that let BW TV and Color TV co-exist for a while.

I think it is essential to have a mobile service as it very much differentiates Outernet from all the other fixed satellite offerings.


In a sense. But with Color TV, you need to receive both carriers, the BW information and the Color information. I think you have the idea though.

In this system, bot carriers are totally independent. You could receive one, or the other depending on how your receiver is set-up. In fact, receivers can be built that can receive both carriers, but the current DreamCatcher won’t be able to do that.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


This tool is kinda fun as it lets you play with the parameters and see how the bit rate is affected.


My guess based that we are getting around bitrate 20,000 bps as reported in the tuner status,
given 1625 khz: a SF of 9, cr 4/5 has a max effective data rate 22.85 kb/sec
If you up the SF to 10, there is 3db increase in the link budget. and drop in data-rate to 12.7 kb/sec

Alternatively, we may be receiving already at BW 812 khz, SF 8 for at max data-rate of 20.30 kb/sec
That would give more options to use SF of 9 or 10


getting 0db snr and 100% valid packets sitting on the deck in Middle Tennessee… this dish is made of plasic and painted with metal containing paint… back has over spray markings, this might be the light weight a reproducible dish your looking for … amazing how well it works, had some surgery so been out for a bit, will upgrade to 5.2 soon for testing.

neighbor is using a weed wacker and the snr is all over the place…


I think the neighbor using his weed-wacker is a coincidence. I think pretty much everyone in the country is/was having problems yesterday and today.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


seems to be getting worse here… best im getting is -10 to -11 with a dish.

sure something more isn’t going on?

Was getting 6 or below a few days ago… I find it odd that I’m not the only one with reds and yellows… Still getting a lock, but tried re-aiming. Same deal.


Failure Analysis of my burned up dreamcatcher. I’ve done some more work looking at what caused my dreamcatcher v3.02q. Background… I changed power cubes and a hot melting smell was observed, the power regulator got so hot the solder melted on the tabs.

I plugged all the "addons’ into a new board to see what was salvageable. >>>> as soon as I plugged the edup wifi/usb in… started to warm, the interface was recognized by skylark but no wifi connection was able to be established. >>> after about two minutes the edup was unbearable hot. >>> risking damage I unplugged everything.

Putting in a different edup >>> the board started up and is working fine. So… a word of caution… something shorting inside the edup overloaded the dreamcatcher power distribution catastrophically.


I don’t want to belabor the point. But, when trying something out on my bench, I always use a power supply with a current limit. If you know your circuit needs say 2.1 Amps max, then I set the current limit to 2.5A and keep an eye on current consumption. If something trips the current limit… you know something is drastically wrong. I’m really careful with these little power cubes. Often, the circuits they power are used as their fuses.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Also, feel the warmth of the power cube when device is working correctly. Even smell it. We humans have good senses and remember what seems right.


Yes … it’s like the smell of chicken when you hold the soldering iron from the wrong end? :smiley:


The point is… by the time the power cube gets hot, the damage can already be done. It does not really care about your board or project. There’s no current limit in power cubes, but just a device that will feed more and more current until the 5v is reached.



@ac8dg Let me know if this was a defective unit. I’m happy to exchange it.


Can I switch subjects for a moment?


Of course.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


@Konrad_Roeder “Yes … it’s like the smell of chicken when you hold the soldering iron from the wrong end? :smiley:

You have really done this?


Well, not that I would ever admit to it :smiley: I’m a CIS (Certified IPC Specialist). I just passed my IPC J-STD-001 Training and Certification renewal. There’s a lot more to soldering highly reliable commercial products than I ever had imagined.

This video shows you a very small portion what the certification is all about.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Thanks, good video! The work being performed is very good as shown. Nice cleaning, fluxing, soldering, re-positioning and polishing. Fortunately, I have done very little work on ipc, although a year or so ago, a friend tasked me to repair his THF-6, replacing the power connector, which I promised to never do again after completing the job. I can still solder a 39 awg wire into most places when it is necessary (such as a micro-usb connector), however, some geriatric concerns with fine motor control make it more difficult as one ages, as you can see in this video, even.


Donde. I missed your question.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


I should have said later, “I answered it myself”. It was about logging into Skylark remotely from the public network, not my local router. I found Team Viewer works very well and is free. Then, I put Google Play app of TV into my cell, and it works similar.


Nice video, I tried some of that recently. Its harder than it looks, but easier than I thought.