EU Service Temporarily Down (finally back up)

We are changing operators, which requires equipment to be shipped and reconfigured. Today is likely the last day in Eutelsat 8WB. The new service should start on April 1.

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I hope the new one is not Ekspress 14W :wink:

That would be funny. We are moving back to Astra 3B.

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Good, I stand a chance of getting that to work as the current sat was in a dead spot. 14w is an interesting spot though as its where the programs knocked off EU satellites live.

On 3b the Europe Wide beam looks promising the Europe Ku not good.

Which frequenty?


Is allready online?

Sorry, it’s still not back up. We are waiting for a component to get shipped to the teleport.

Any updates on the EU service?

Yes, the modem is at the SES teleport. We are waiting for it to be racked so we can bring up the carrier. I assume the broadcast will be operational by the end of the week.


Thanks for the update.

Service is back up. It should be significantly stronger than the Eutelsat 8WB. The downlink frequency is: 11682.3 V MHz

Beam type should be the same as it was before: 36



Just tagging a few people: @oligman @gigel @Ritzenhoff @jimwatt @caveman99


Tried to connect at 41 deg 15.82 N 8 deg 15.19 E (at sea between Sardinia and Corsica) with no luck. Set mag heading to 155 deg elevation to 41 deg skew -9 deg to connect to Astra 3B Wide with beam 36 and freq 11.6823 MHz. Ran Manuel’s app, but could find lock.

This location is on the outer edge of 60 dB band. How’s everyone else doing? Ken

Tried as well today, no luck yet.

@gigel What is your general location? Which LNB are you using?

I’m in Geneva, Switzerland, i did receive the signal before when it was on Astra 3B.
I have the LNB that came with DreamCatcher 3.05 (dual lo), no cone. I also have a Bullseye LNB that i can test with. I didn’t need a cone before, but i will add a pringles can (i printed the tysonpower mount on thingiverse including the pringles mount)
Edit: I got a (weak) signal, after adding a cone and using the tuning app

Without any finetuning of the LNBs postition i now got a lock on Astra 3B, LNB only without a cone near Cologne, Germany. Freq is now within spec at 11.682315 Ghz

If anyone can receive the Signale, please report if there are any Frequency Offsets.


I’ll repoint my minidish tomorrow and will make a parallel test with bare LNB

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this is what I get here in rome… but no data…I’m using 40 cm dish roughly pointed

thats very low signal power for a dish, are you sure that you are pointing right?
I still got a stable -10 to -11 SNR with -88 snr from a bare LNB