Galaxy 19 feed is offline

I noticed a blinky LED on my Lighthouse. It is displaying “NO SERVICE” while having adequate “signal” and “quality”. I went to my DVB/MPEG receiver to investigate further, and found that several other (but not all) channels on 11929 are down. The other two radio stations (on that receiver, outernet gets lumped in with “radio”) are offline, as well as a few television channels, but most of the TV on 11929 is still working.

I suspect an uplink issue of some sort - probably beyond Outernet’s immediate control, but figured I ought to report it.

And it’s working again.

Galaxy 19 is off the air at this time 0800 UTC 22 May. Ken

Is the Sat link still down? Just moved back to WI with my lighthouse unit and can’t get any reading on my unit at all. :frowning:

This is incredible! Galaxy 19 still down - - and now for days, and no comment from anybody who can fix it!!! Ken

:scream: :scream:

I am on galaxy 19 and it seems to be working fine:

Still nothing here. I even rebooted Lighthouse in case it was a software issue. See here:

FWIW, @ebarranco, the problem first appeared for me following a local power glitch. It also seems to have occured for @kenbarbi after he switched LNB settings (expectedly) but remains down after he put the settings back as they should be.

Is it possible that there is some issue that allows a unit that is locked on to the signal to continue to receive, but if there is an interruption of some sort, or a re-boot, the Outernet stream cannot be locked in again? Perhaps someone who is receiving the signal properly could reboot or power cycle their unit and see if they can successfully re-acquire the Outernet stream?

As additional information, I had been receiving bitrate, but lost if after rebooting.

I can confirm after a reboot now I get no service. I guess we get what we pay for :joy:. Someone has to water the transceivers.

Any word , Branko, on what Galaxy 19’s problem is? Ken

Any word yet on Galaxy 19? Ken

Yes, we’ve also been keeping an eye on this and are really interested in getting our new outernet system running completely. Any news?

Looks like it’s finally working again!

Yep! Here too! excellent.

Yes, there was a bit of miscommunication with the teleport. The stream was getting sent, but one of the identifiers was changed, which prevents our decoder application from doing its job. Simple fix, but difficult to diagnose.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Somewhat related to this: We have a tv channel know, if you happen to have an FTA receiver. It definitely works on HB, but we’ve been having problems with G19.

TV Channel? Cool! What should I look for and where?

What are you seeing on G19?

Galaxy 19:
Satellite Name – Galaxy 19
Orbital Position – 97.0°W
Frequency( Mhz) – 12059
Polarity – Horizontal
DVB Satellite Standard – DVB-S
Symbol Rate (Mbaud) – 22000
FEC – 3/4

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13D:
Satellite Name – Eutelsat Hot Bird 13D
Orbital Position – 13.0°E
Frequency( Mhz) – 10815
Polarity – Horizontal
DVB Satellite Standard – DVB-S
Symbol Rate (Mbaud) – 27500
FEC – 5/6

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What’s the PID on G19? There are about 15 different video “channels” on that transponder and stream. Or what should I look for (type of programming and/or name or watermark)? I see nothing listed here …

that looks like Outernet - aside from the data stream, listed as “radio”, on 11929

Can you post the Sat settings and freqs for Outernet here. I am programming my digital satt tuner (SP-500)

Just the settings freqs and polarity, etc. Thanks

It’s channel 46 on the transponder we’re on:
Frequency( Mhz) – 12059
Polarity – Horizontal
DVB Satellite Standard – DVB-S
Symbol Rate (Mbaud) – 22000
FEC – 3/4

All of my system monitors show no errors, but I can’t see the video play out with my FreeSat V7. Does anyone have another FTA receiver they can test?