I bought a Lantern device on Indiegogo

Years ago I purchased a Lantern device and after several delivery delays I never received my device. I am from Spain.
How can I receive my device?
A greeting.


Still actively working on it. This year for sure.


I am in this situation as well, we have traded emails a few times over the years. Where is the best place to watch for updates on the Indiegogo backers project? The Indiegogo page is pretty toxic.

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@johnny Moving your post to a relevant thread.

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I haven’t provided any new updates because there isn’t much to say that would really matter. As you can see from this forum, there is regular, continuous development of both the hardware and the broadcast service. But the finished product, Lantern, is still not ready. When I have something concrete, then I will be happy to provide an update. Right now it’s still just small bits of progress at a time.

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Simply posting a link to these forums as an update to the people who backed you on indigogo and helped you start this project is the least you could do instead of making us search for information.

6 years is ridiculous and making us hunt for updates and not providing any information is making you look like an unethical scammer who is just dragging this on hoping we will forget about the $200+ US we contributed to your campaign.


… and who are these people in the various forums that are talking about actual hardware they received and selling older versions and talking about new versions of dreamcatcher, etc. WHERE DID THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY GET HARDWARE AND HOW MUCH MONEY DID THEY PAY YOU TO RECEIVE THIS HARDWARE THAT I’M STILL WAITING FOR!!!


Hi, all Dreamcatcher Versions where sold on othernets Website so far, currently you can’t buy the new 4.0 Version of the Dreamcatcher, but it should be in stock in the next Months i think.

I’m Running a Dreamcatcher 3.x here in Germany, works well just with an LNB pointed to the Sat :slight_smile:

Other Users also made their Dreamcatchers useable over the Internet, take a look here for example if want to have a look: http://obereip.selfhost.de/

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Hello Syed,

Any update on Lantern, Really looking forward to the device.

It is a long time but hopefully is true you are still working on it and some day will be available, but I think a lot of people have move to another place and won’t receive it

Yes, new leases/contracts with the satellite operator are in the process of being signed. About 5000 Bullseye LNBs are in storage for backers. I’m still waiting for two other components to come back in stock.

Supply chain sucks at the moment for everyone :frowning:

Hello Syed, another 6 months passed since your last reply - any update, please? When it is expected to send out the lanterns? You promised many times “this year” however, in 2022 I have not seen it yet :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a slog. I’m trying my best. The chips are finally starting to become available, so I should be able to make the main circuit board/receiver very soon. After those are reliably available, then I can start building Lanterns. If you’d like a Dreamcatcher (bare circuit board) and antenna, rather than waiting for Lantern, I can definitely accommodate.

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Same here - never got my device - what’s the status?

Still looking forward to it, some 7.7 years later!

Still actively trying to build and ship these. If that wasn’t the case, the business would have closed shop long ago.

What will be the final design of “Lantern” pls when you get all the required chips for it?

Will it be solar as the Original design?
How about IP rating? Waterproof?