I have problem with flashing

i have installed virtualbox with patch… I have the wire in the CHIP for flashing and the drive is good… but in the window of virtualbox i have this message. Other time the error is USb_bulk_send( ) ERROR -1 Imput/output error I have computer with windows 7 structure amd64

I’ve not been able to resolve this error, but would be interested to see if anyone else has. More than likely, I need to replace your CHIP.

Can you try reflashing just a couple more times. I was told that this error can sometimes resolve itself over multiple attempts. Please let me know if that doesn’t work.

i have try many time to flashing chip…

I had this error the first time I tried to flash my CHIP. I realized it forgot the extensions pack. So I installed it restarted my pc and re imported the ova and it worked.

But i have installed the extensio pack of oracle VM… i try to install an’old version

Try flashing a NTC image using the official flasher. If that works then its not likely a hardware issue.

where i can find ntc image? i’m sorry for your patiente i’m try to install old version

Use chrome and go to flash.getchip.com . I forgot to mention to make sure you use a usb 2.0 port.

i use usb 2.0. i download chrome … i use nomally mozilla, is it the problem?

If you are trying the official flasher you need chrome, as it uses a chrome extension.

there are many flash what i can use? chrome knows my chip.

Just use the latest image (4.4) , either gui or headless. You are doing this just to rule out a faulty chip.

I just noticed that the error you gave is different from the error in the picture.
USB_bulk_send( ) ERROR -1 Imput/output is caused by your CHIP losing FEL, make sure your jumper is secure.

I am still working on the other one.

ok the error is FAILED TO EXECUTE SPL… like in the picture… I try to change computer… hank for the help

i have try to flashing on chrome with the site of CHIP… It is ok?

Yep. This means that we owe you a new CHIP. Well, your hardware is fine, but I’m not sure what flashing on is related to for Skylark. So I’ll replace it.

But outernet flash don’t work same error

do send me again a new chip? do you want my address?

It is definitely puzzling.