Loss of Lock on East Coast

Has anyone else notice low SNRs around -15 dB here on the East Coast? My Rssi levels are fine, but I am constantly out of signal lock. Ken (red balloon over NYC)


im in upstate NY and i lost my lock and have really bad SNR around -17 DB right now i am near lake ontario

Good input - - now we are two.

I’ll also point out that I normally receive an SNR of -8 to -10 dB with my 80 cm dish, and -10 to -12 dB with a bare Maverick. I checked my SES-2 signal level with my FTA system and am getting very strong signals on the video transponders. Ken

I checked again with my portable unit outside in the clear sky, and cannot get reliable lock. I am running a momentary SNR of -14.5 dB (gives lock), then drops to -17dB (with no lock).

Three different Dreamcatchers and all my antennas give the same results.

Can @Abhishek or @Syed expline this? Ken

It looks like most everyone is better than -13 SNR right now. I did receive reduced power notices from the teleport this morning, but that seems to have passed.

Good to see a cause identified. It must impact most on EIRRP fringe people like me. :grinning:

I have cut my funnels to a 2.35 inch smallest diameter to slip over the LNBs, but have yet to run the test as I haven’t got a good control to measure against. The controls would be my 80 cm offset dish running 500 feet inside the house (generally giving me an SNR of -8 to -10 dB); and the 2x4x8 wave guide and collapsible cone on my portable Lantern. Thanks, Ken

I don’t know. This the Frame Lock Status as of 1711 EDT Saturday Aug 4 - -


I still have no Frame Lock here in Annapolis, MD. Ken

Ken, Sounds like a good plan to always have a control to compare
the funnel cones (that sounds like an ice-cream treat… but I digress).

Then if the teleport is messing with the signal or a localized weather event is
affecting the reports… You will always be comparing only one or two variables.

My “balloon” (which is usually displayed as somewhere between Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo, or Cleveland)
has been hooked the 18" dish with a dro type lnb and it appears to very sensitive to ambient temperature changes — or lack of stability with respect to temperature.

Look forward to more of your experimenting.

Yes Jim - - as I mentioned, my FTA video signals are rock solid, but my Outernet signals are not.

I have torn apart my gear and reset it to no avail. In fact all my set ups perform the same - - poorly. I don’t know if SES-2 up links video from the same teleport as the one that supports Outernet, but am still puzzled. I am getting a small amount of sporadic weather and Wikepidia data, but no RSS news feeds. Here’s my What’s New at 2036 EDT on Aug 4 - -


So go figure :disappointed_relieved: I’m just reporting the facts. Ken

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I scrolled down my what’s new app … back to your 8/3 7:25:55 approximately
I had mostly wikipedia articles, no RSS and one weather data today
You seem to had a better signal around yesterday and missed today,
I didn’t get the weather files in your post until the next broadcast time
on 8/4/2018 3:13:18 AM

my what’s new as of about 9 pm edt (fifteen hours of wikipedia stuff)

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Indications here in SLC-UT have remained constant all day with Rssi of 81 and SNR running 10.5-11 averages. The lock map has shown us yellow several times, and valid packets are running at around 93%, which is lower than normal, we have been consistently 100% with lock until the past few days. Low winds, high heat and all the smoke from Redding plus our own fires have limited my outdoor activity, however, the equipment is in a stable position and has not moved, so perhaps those stats can be “control” for comparison to your reception…

Ken i really thin we need the news sent again probly sooner than later right now im missing all of my news data for some odd reason

Well Jerry, based on what Syed said yesterday about the teleport reporting reduced power, and you confirming lower valid packets, I think the problem is with SES-2. Today, I am not in lock at all, although my SNRs range from -14.75 dB to -16 dB.

In that SNR range, the status map will show me with a green balloon based on reported SNR (my VPN reports me in NYC although I am in Annapolis, MD) - -


but my frame lock shows red as I have no frame lock - -



The carousal may need some tender loving care. I have been watching the tuner status bottom line
to see what files are being received.
and saw news 07-27-2018 being downloaded… but when I look at whats new… not listed
probably really out of date file…

When I try news app

by the way I have 100% received / valid packets

I did get that JavaScript Error Report this morning when I tried to see the news, although at the time I had no signal lock. Ken

I have started receiving content again. My SNRs are in the neighborhood of -13 dB, and I have lock. My packet rate is 83%. News, weather, and Wikepedia are arriving. Still low by past comparison to SNRs of -8dB and 100 packet rate before July 27th. Ken

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My first successful news packs arrived also around 9 pm (UTC) last night. see my log view system messages

There is something wrong up in space :sleeping:


I’m getting something in system messages every hour since 14:50 utc, :warning:
Aug 6 20:50:04 outernet user.warn kernel: [469823.468885] spi_master spi32764: spi32764.0: timeout transferring 64 [email protected] for 110(100)ms
Aug 6 20:50:04 outernet user.err kernel: [469823.478133] spidev spi32764.0: SPI transfer failed: -110
Aug 6 20:50:04 outernet user.err kernel: [469823.483587] spi_master spi32764: failed to transfer one message from queue

Today my snr is running to 12.75 from 10.5 rather erratically, Rssi steady at 81, running about 92% packets. The air is still awful (smoke), so I can’t go out and play with anything. Hope this clears up soon, we could use either rain or wind, or both. CA is burning down out there and we are in the chimney…