New Frequency SES-2/North America 12.1032 GHz / beam type 164

Yes, I pick up a signal slightly above 12.1033 that shows a signal but does not decode.

i expect the response is in json form. i’m not sure how to form the query to skylark_server (the HTML/json server).

Skylark 5.8 installed. no issues with upgrade.
note: Log Viewer -> Diagnostics indicates current Skylark version 5.8
ignore the “Skylark 5.7 © 2019 Othernet Inc” at the lower right of ‘home page’

Hi Chris, to address these situations, the Skylark 5.7 in the lower right probably relates to your browser’s cached files, and will change if you flush your history files. I had this issue when we changed from 5.6 to 5.7, and asked the same question.

I believe the question you want to ask @Syed is how to access the status information by use of html coding such as Alberto is using in his “v.4 reader html script”. Jerry

Hi, this is a little out of my knowledge.
I try with : youripaddress/packages/skylark/ but this directory are used in OS.js that is behind the page you see with user name and password, I will dig a bit on it in the next future.

I searched back in the forums and found this coding to obtain tuner status …
maybe it will be a hint as to how to extract it from the latest versions.

Thanks, Jim. This gets us closer. Now if we knew how to express that in HTML…

confirmed the “5.7” versus “5.8” on the ‘stuff in orbit’ image was due to stale cache. thanks!

i put the python code to work and there’s no response to the code and there does not seem to be “/DIRECT” in the skylark_server binary. there are a number of “/FS” and “/API” strings, however.

I tried everything i could. I can only find 1 signal and it isnt locking. It does seem to be able to tell the difference between audio and files.

Hey Ken,

I just noticed my SNR dropped about 15 dBm. Not sure when it happened. Did it happen to you or anyone else. Mabye the gardener kicked a tripod leg.


I hooked up my satellite finder to my dish and by some miracle I was able to tune in LPB on this little dish. After reconnecting my dreamcatcher I have an snr of -2 with no lock still. The dish has to be pointed properly, the lnb is working properly, the cable must be fine as well. I have tried to reflash my sd card many times, and tried different cards.
Is there a way I can test my dreamcatcher?

This sounds like local interference, but I know you said it was receiving fine before the frequency change. How far is the Dreamcatcher from any WiFi devices?

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About 20ft through a couple walls. If it is local interference then it has to be fairly strong because i did the same tests on my fta dish that is ~300ft away from the house. I had the same results with slightly better snr and rssi values.

Edit forgot to reply to you @Syed

I’ve been running fine here in Annapolis, MD, Don. I haven’t seen any issues of late. Ken


Yup, the tripod moved slightly. Touched it up. OK now with SNR at +4. Think I’ll add another 5 lb weight making total of 10. What are you using to get +9? Stay safe!

I have an 80 cm offset dish 500 feet out from my Dreamcatcher. I am using the Maverick in it now, but the Maverick also works fine in FTA service when I connect it to my FTA receiver with my A-B switch. Also, I have a 20 dB in-line amp in the coax which really boasts my signal. Ken

I have tried the same setup in several locations within 20 miles of my house and I am getting the same results. I will keep experimenting.

Which LNB are you using? @demandzm. I’m at a complete loss. I can send you a return shipping label so I can see what is happening.

I dont think that will be necessary now. The the good news is I now have a lock. I am relocating my fta dish so all my lnbs are disconnected. I tried them all. They all showed the same behavior except one. That one locked immediately with a higher snr. I find this odd, because I used my dreamcatcher to test all of these lnbs before installing my fta dish last fall and they all worked. I’m glad it’s working now but I’m wondering why.

Btw I was using the dual band lnb that came with my dreamcatcher.