Patch Antenna Still Available?

Is the Outernet Patch Antenna still available for purchase? Can’t seem to find it in the store! Thanks!

@Syed is probably sold out of them. It’s worth asking though. He may have a few left.

If you are looking to DYI a patch antenna like the Passive Patch antenna that was for sale in the Outernet store, remember, there was this article about Adam 9A4QAV’s L-band patch antenna project.

Building and testing an L-band batch antenna for Inmarsat-C reception

–Konrad, WA4OSH

We do have some leftover stock. Can you put a request into [email protected]? Is it the air gap or ceramic you are looking for?

The Airgap model…

I have about 30 ceramic that I got about a week before the announcment they were shutting down the service on L-Band, I’d be happy to part with most of them, if shipping costs were covered.

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I sent an email to the address you suggested but have heard nothing…How do I proceed to purchase one of the antennas?

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I am not familiar with the ceramic…Could you give me a brief description, maybe a picture? Thanks a lot…

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here You go

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I assume these function the same as the air gaps? If so, what are you selling these for? Thanks for your efforts!

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I will be willing to sell my L-Band panel for $5 + shipping. It works well and I used it regularly with my raspberryPi and SDR setup. I will upgrading to a KU setup once that is online. Hit me up if interested. I only have one to sell.


I will take it! Please advise how to proceed…Thanks…

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I’ll message you directly mate! :grin:

OK…Looking forward to it!

I think I am set up to receive private messages…If I don’t hear from you please contact me again…

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Would you part with info on how to tune it either up or down in frequency?
Or about it’s 3 dB down bandpass frequencies?

You mean tuning the antenna itself? If I recall correctly you would need to changer there location of the feed point/pin, but I don’t have any specific details, as we were only concerned with the existing center frequency of 1542 MHz.

I got mine recently off eBay.

I meant a dimension calculator for this patch type antenna, so I might build one for another frequency.

I have not received any message!

Hi, I’m looking for some patch antennas. I noticed a couple people here said they may have some for sale. Let me know if they’re still available and would be happy to PayPal.

Because I’m new to the forum here, I can’t send PMs yet but it looks like I can receive them.

I’m located in New Hampshire, USA

Thank you,