Shipment problem


I ordered two devices to UAE but I got no answers regarding shipment updates. I ordered on the Fifth of February so when will I receive my order

Still there is no update?

We are shipping a few hundred pieces per day starting on Wednesday.

What about now? Am waiting

Another few hundred going out tomorrow.


My order stuck with UPS from 2nd of March as it shown it departed post office.

Can you describe shipment processing from you till it I receive it?

If it goes through Emirates Post Office you and the shipment company should put our full address outside the box otherwise it will return to you that mean we will waste our time I have been through that problem several times because it their policy

Another thing it written that order update was sent to me recently but i got nothing

We simply take the information that is entered into the website and create a label from it. With the label, it is sent to the United States Post Office. From there it goes to the destination country’s postal service. We have seen a few items returned to us for not having complete addresses. For any that get lost in the mail, we have no way of knowing that it happened. Sadly, that is the only way to process international orders at this time. We do state on the store page that it is a risky process.

I have entered every detail is needed

What about this?

Order updates
A confirmation was sent to [email protected]

I read this but i got no emails recently

@Ahmed_Al-Katheeri @Syed

My Shipping Address state, I’m in United Arab Emirates- Dubai city. How can I know that at least UPS shipped the item to UAE ?

Try put your UPS tracking number here in UAE post office website

Or you can call them and ask


I Have order number # 103728 since 1st.Feb.2017
on 14th.March.2017 been informed on its way
up to date it still stand at Chicago,IL
MY USPS tracking number is:

where i can found my usps tracking number?

Not necessarily it still in Chicago it happend before with me usps delivered the package without i notice and go out again beacuse of a problem that i didn’t keep tracked for.

So check try to know what happend some time the package get damaged or lost if not follow who is next after usps will take pakage and who will received before you.

Try tracking no in multiple websites if not working emails if phone them

And am still waiting and waiting

Still I did Inot receive my orders،، I have ordered on 7th of February

My order numbers Order #106125

I already own the patch and LNA. How do you serve my needs?

I don’t understand what you mean.

We are waiting on some parts to get delivered. They are shipping to us on Friday and then we will be sending out 1000 orders immediately thereafter.