Signal Status in North America

Is the North American signal currently up? I was getting about 8-11 db SNR last week, but this morning I am getting a negative SNR, and of course no lock. I just wanted to make sure it isn’t me.


I just received kit. I am in Ottawa area. I was not able to connect can get signal level more 1.5-1.6. Sims to be pointed antenna to right direction. The question I have is it necessary for antenna to be outside house or it can work inside.


Thank you!

The antenna which was propped up in my window had actually been knocked over by our cat, and everything was fine once I put it back. Sorry for the false alarm :wink:

Ah cats… gotta love 'em :slight_smile:

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I had to tie my Lantern to the deck rail so Bella wouldn’t knock it off too - - it sits on her favorite spot. She likes looking at the satellite :grinning:




Why are there no nodes showing in East Asia? Rather why can’t you even see East Asia?

If there are no connected nodes in a part of the world, then the map just cuts it off. Sometimes you’ll see @Seasalt pop up from the Philippines, though.

Still working on roof issues.But will try and get CHIP Outernet back up today or tomorrow.

How do you know where a node is connecting from?
I understand that if the computer connecting to the outernet wifi also has an internet connection you could get you page to “phone home”, with an assumption about the IP address, but…

You described it perfectly. We have course location based on the IP address of the receivers phoning home.

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The wifi from the Pi (for example) is just for device connection but there’s no actual Internet connection is there? Unless the receiver is transmitting the IP back to Outernet which is connected to the Internet?

Yes, it is transmitting back to Outernet HQ.

Don’t remember this being a known part of the system. Could it potentially be a security issue for areas known for censoring free speech/media? If the server was maliciously accessed, the IP list could reveal locations of receivers. Outernet-In-A-Box seems to not have this issue.

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Sending packets back to HQ is opt-in. It’s completely up to the user to provide their signal state and system information. Only a small percentage of users have it set up to phone HQ.

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Oh ok sorry Syed! I have been using the O I B system so far and so i haven’t been able to use the Librarian interface etc. Thanks!

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Reception Report Cartagena, Columbia

Today at 10 deg 24.255’ N and 75 deg 31.873’ W using Outernet In A Box, LNA/RTL-SDR, Patch Antenna received SNRs between 6 and 8 DB and LOCK. Antenna was flat on a table with a sunny sky and some cloud overcast at about 5,000 feet. Sorry system doesn’t “phone home” with a balloon report. Ken

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I’m curious now how I would go about contributing signal information back to Outernet. I did not read it in the manual.

The signal information is automatically sent back when the receiver is configured in client-mode. If the receiver is connected to a wifi network (by changing the network setting), then signal packets are automatically (and anonymously) sent back.

This is information is used to create the status page: