Universal 3D printable Case for the DIY Kit (SDRx)

Hello everyone!

I had finally some time, yesterday evening, to begin designing my planned 3D printable case for the DIY Kit, that can be used on every Sat angle (Universal).

The Case will have the following features:

  • stand to adjust for Sat angle
  • rail for mounting the Patch Antenna
  • mounting for SDRx and CHIP
  • Room for a acrylic front (Optional, otherwise 3D printable)
  • mount for a fan to cool the CHIP / SDRx
  • Only one microusb on the outside

The Case will be only a little bit bigger than thepatch antenna. It’s not completed yet, but the dimensions should be around 15x13x4,5cm (LxWxH). The mentioned acrylic front can be replaced by a 3D printable cover. Personally i plan to engrave the Outernet logo into the acrylic and add some blue leds inside the case :slight_smile:

Down below are some renders, that show my progress so far.

If the Case is completed, i will publish it on Thingiverse so everyone can print it out.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the case , please write them into this post. Thanks!

regards from Germany,


Are you leaving one side open? Or is that just the view of the CAD?

As mentioned it’s not completed in the Render above. I will post a new Render a little bit later today.

I worked yesterday on the rest of the case :slight_smile:


Got some spare Time yesterday and the case is complete exept for minor changes.
I will print it as soon as possible to test it.

The final demensions are 153x136x44mm (LxWxH).

Here are the Renders (That took fooooreeeevveeeer!):



What is the total mass of the enclosure?

That is outstanding! Excellent design.

Thanks for the compliment :blush:

Not bad for a software developer doesen’t it :wink:

It depands on the Infill you use, but the mass should be around 150 g (excluding the acrylic).

My Slicer predicts a printing time of around 13h (20% infill) for all three parts of the case combined.

That will be the longest print that i ever did (MainFrame part of the Case --> ~8,5h) :open_mouth:

I think i will try to print the stand first (biggest part on the bed, ~2h), because the size is over the limit of my Printer. Yet it should work fine…i hope.

UPDATE: I have to split the Stand up in two parts for me…this is the disadvantage of a delta when you print something square.


The USB ports on the skylark are good to have access to. I think a usb wireless adapter and a large jump drive will be required to be useful at some point for RACHEL and such.

I was working on a different idea for a case yesterday. I’ll post mine next week. Mine is a case that was a C shape that you can attach to a window with VHB tape.

Skylark is the Software, so i don*t exactly know what you mean. If you mean the USB ports on the SDRx, you are able to add a usb Stick for storage. Wifi is already in the CHIP.

If you ahve your Case ready, let us know here in the forum and post some pictures :slight_smile:


I’m still getting used to the terminology and am not home at the moment to see the hardware. I’ll post when I’m back home and can finish the models.

The wifi on my chip is pretty weak. I can’t connect from more than a few feet away from it

Hello again!

I printed a first prototype in the last week and assembled it. Because i have a delta printer, i had to print the stand and mainframe in two parts. I would not recommend that to anybody because the fitment is not as it should be.

There are only some small problems that i have to change in my design, but only some small things.

Here are some pictures:

The Hardware is also working fine, even without a fan. But i discovered that you have to use shielded cables. A flat usb cable that i used (CHIP–>SDRx) destroyed the SNR.Without that bad cable everything works as planned.




Do you have the .stl files available? I’d like to print this out and try it if I could.



@Koopa My Wifi is great on the CHIP. Works even in the backyard and the AP is on the other siede of the house on the first floor :wink:

@Jason_Radford Yeah, i will change some minor things and post them on thingiverse as soon as possible.

I changed the cable that connects the SDRx to the CHIP and everything works fine now :slight_smile:


So here it is! I uploaded the STL files to Thingiverse.

If you ahve an suggestions, please post them here.
Please post some pics if you printed one :slight_smile:

Thingiverse - Outernet Case

Better than anything we’ve made so far!

xD Thanks! And im not even a professional or good CAD Designer :slight_smile:


Mine is more of a window mount and there might be some way they can share.

Looks interesting but it’s defenitely a mount and not a case :wink:

The problem i see is that the SDR and Chip should be not be balanced on the mount xD
A better solution would be a mount for them on the mount in the picture, or a simple sma cable to let them sit on the windowsill or so

Im also wondering if you can secure the ball joint between window mount and antenna in any way. Seems also to be 3d printer or not? .

But nice work so far! Just refine it and we have another method of ,mounting the DIY kit :slight_smile:



I finally got time to complete the Case with a plexiglass front that has an engraved outernet logo and blue leds.

The engraving is not as acurate as i would like, but it was the first time engraving something :slight_smile: I think it’s not bad for that.