Updated ORxPi image v0.2.4

Hello everyone, time for a small update.

DISCLAIMER The files and instructions posted here come with no warranty. You use them at your own risk. Outernet will only provide support as time allows, via this forum or GitHub issue tracker.

The v0.2.4 image addresses a few issues with tuning. The web interface is still the same as with the v0.2.3 release.

We have also completed documentation for ORxPi system. If you are starting a fresh build, please peruse the Receiver HOWTO.

The following HOWTOs are also available:

The last one should come in handy if you wish to upgrade from v0.2.3.

If you want us to document something on a specific topic not covered in the HOWTOs, please file a feature request.

Some of you may have spotted the orx-rpi repository on our GitHub account. This is not quite ready yet, so I will make a separate announcement as soon as it is. Meanwhile, you’re on your own if you want to try it.

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Well done, Branko! This update is working extremely well outside of Washington, DC, on Galaxy 19. It has run continuously for the last 18 hours without losing lock as the previous version did. I am downloading many messages aperiodically. I’m up to 162 new articles, and have the full set of DW, Outernet, and UNICEF Twitter feeds.

What are folks experiencing in Europe and Africa? Please try this ORxPi image and post your experiences. Ken

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I’m going to be trying this image from UK next week!

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Just updated zImage file on 25 July 2015, and now get many new articles, but my Dashboard shows no Signal Lock. I must be connected as I show a constant update of files. Any ideas, Branko?

I forgot to mention it, but I am also no longer receiving Twitter Feeds. Just new articles.

My configuration outside Washington, DC, is an 80 cm Ku Band dish with the Geniatech Receiver on Galaxy 19.

Twitter feed datacasting should resume shortly. We’ve been switching it to new method of uploading files.

Trying to lock in with this image.

How often does the signal strength meter refresh?

Im pretty sure i’m pointing at HB 13E, but i am seeing nothing on my tuning page. Zero everything!

I’d check the coax first. Here I have the wrestle with it a bit before it shows anything. Also, please let me know if /usr/sbin/ondd is running. You won’t see anything if that process is dead for some reason. You can also check the application logs and see if the app is getting any response from ONDD (usually appears as XML snippets).

Thanks for the info. I will have to leave it now until Thursday.

Coax is fine, and I can see the current consumption of the receiver jump up when I connect the LNB.

Is the signal meter near real time then?

It updates every few seconds.

Hi, i have just been out pointing my dish. Satfinder shows it booming in, but nothing to report on the tuning page. Strange.

Anthing I can check in the logs to see whats going on?

Unfotunately i have had to pack up because of rain. Try again tomorrow.

Will burn an older version of software to SD as a comparison…

Thanks for testing this.

  1. If you grep syslog (/var/log/messages) for ‘ondd’, you will see what ONDD is doing.
  2. Also, check whether ONDD is running at all.
  3. What tuner are you using?

Branko, im using a HD Star tuner.

Help me out, i’m a hardware guy! How do I grep syslog for ondd?

Sorry, here’s how:

cat /var/log/messages | grep ondd

Also, to check whether ONDD is running:

ps ax | grep ondd

Thanks, so i SSH in and run from command line?


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Done it branko, but getting a screenshot is driving me mad, so here are my results typed by hand…

cat /var/log/messages | grep ondd
Jan 1 00:08:40 orxpi user.info ondd[129]: [main] tuning to 1721 Mhz 27500 KSym
Jan 1 00:08:47 orxpi user.info ondd[129]: [main] tuning to 1721 Mhz 27500 KSym

ps ax | grep ondd
129 root /usr/sbin/ondd -d --pid–file /var/run/ondd.pid -o /mnt/data/downloads
281 outernet grep ondd

Any ideas?

(Im aimed at HB 13E, with a universal LNB)

Could you run this command and tell me what it gives you?

echo -ne '<get uri="/status"/>\0' | nc local:/var/run/ondd.ctrl

here you go:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><response code="200"><tuner><lock>no</lock><signal>39</signal><snr>0.00</snr></tuner><streams/></response>ORxPi v0.2.4

So the GUI is reporting right - no SNR and no lock?

Sorry, some of the text is missing, i think the foum page is messing with it…

This is pretty weird. Could you let it run for a few minutes after boot, and send me the system log (downloadable from dashboard)?

Fixed that for you. Code blocks need to start with 4 spaces.