35cm dish indoors

eBay. Don’t have a heart attack when you see the shipping…

It arrived in a week…

Your right about a heart attack!. Geeez, that’s a tad expensive. Time to think of something else but I have all winter to do that. Very cold and snowy here in Minneapolis

Considering the 90cm are a whole lot more and then there is working out how you want to temporary or permanently mount it, I figured the total cost was still cheaper than figuring out the 90cm. Plus the 35cm is so much easier to work with. Yes, tripod and a DIY mount for the LNB would have been cheaper. But, as I get older I tend to go the route of less hassle.

Maybe you will come across something that suites you if you have the winter to figure it out. The odds are in your favor. :slight_smile:

What do you all think is a fair price for a 35cm dish?

The price+shipping for this 35cm was $68. The $49 shipping is a horror up against the price of the dish being $19. It did ship fast from China, but I would have accepted the slow boat to stick with the $19 price. If you compare a 90cm and a tripod, which was what I was looking at, the $68 is cheap. The 35cm is more portable and setup is super fast (no field assemble/disassemble)…

I’d say anything south of $68 shipped is good, the lower the better.

Right now I am going to use a 90cm dish since SES2 also carries Louisiana Public TV and I have a receiver for it. I can get a two output universal LNB to feed the DC 3.05 and my FTA receiver for LPB. I have trees in the way but the leaves are gone so line of sight is no problem. When spring rolls around then SES 2 will be blocked thus no Othernet and tv, I want the dish on the roof to receive Outhernet reliably. Hauling a 90cm dish and nprm mount to the roof won’t be happening. A 35cm dish with a ring mount would be no problem. I will try different locations but will have to point the 90cm dish to AMC-21 for PBS.

I still think @demandzm motified Dish TV antenna is a great solution. You should be able to find them in junk heaps or on old abandoned homes.


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What size is that old dish?

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Its 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall by 18 1/2 (46.99 cm) wide. I believe that makes it equivalent to a 49 cm round dish, sort of.:wink:

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@n5rv What was your opinion of assembling that small dish?

If you look on Aliexpress or Ebay you can find multi LNB Mounting brackets for about 12 dollars. Ordering from Aliexpress will take about 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

Here is an interesting article on a $15 satellite ground station steerable array antenna
for 10.7 to 14.5GHz

This is interesting, but gives zero details on how or if it is possible to purchase this unit…( the antenna).

Right, and it doesn’t even hint at what it’s “gain” would be compared our experiments with the bare maverick or dual band lnb.

I don’t even know what our lnb feedhorns have as a “gain” figure compared to a reference 1/4 wave element.

The horn on the LNB is 13 dBi.


Jim, you may find this interesting, pertinent Mr. Wyler’s antenna: Download PDF 20180062268

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More information on what a SpaceX starlink hardware may look like… this may be the aircraft terminal .

Just to add my two cents. At the time of purchase, it was $60 cad. A great portable unit from Digwace.

Sorry didn’t see that this item was posted also in thread " 35cm Satellite Dishes for Sale - $50 shipped (USA only)"

We could start offering them at this price, but shipping is what kills the total price for customers. How much did you pay for shipping?