DC 3.05/SL 5.8/BE10kLNB: What am I doing wrong?

Resurrected my DreamCatcher (DC) 3.05, updated Skylark (SL) to 5.8 version, and purchased the newer Bullseye 10 kHz Ultra High Stability Universal Single LNB (BE10kLNB).

Got everything setup, used OtherNetSatellitecalc for pointing, and NADA… not even a hint of a signal. DC3 Frequency Finder comes up with nothing.Using inside alongside an Inmarsat setup (patch antenna), that receives great from indoors.

Possible caveats…

Not using any type of dish/cone… is that the issue?



Are you behind a window with a clear view of the satellite?

And your beam type/frequency has been updated?

Kinda, sorta, but not fully!


Can you post a picture of the view from the antenna/LNB?

Also it would be great, Tom, to get pics of your satellite screens such as mine operating on SES-2 from Maryland - - Ken





Here are shots of window placement (shades down right now, nigh time)…
…and misc windows:


…pointing info:

I went through this resurrection process last week with the following:

Dreamcatcher 3.03
Skylark 5.8
Bullseye LNB
Dish antenna Syed made available here: 35cm Satellite Dishes for Sale - $50 shipped (USA only)

I started with the same Frequency and Beam Type settings as tphout and had no luck with the DC3 Frequency Finder app. Everything started to work when I sifted through forum posts and used kenbarbi’s Frequency of 12.089422 GHz. With this frequency as a starting point, the DC3 Frequency Finder app worked and recommended 12.089416 GHz which also works just fine.

I think the default 12.0894 GHz frequency is a bit too low, at least when used with the default settings for the DC3 Frequency Finder app. It would probably be better to use 12.08942 GHz as a default.

So tphout, change your frequency to 12.08942 GHz and run the DC3 Frequency Finder app again. (And raise the blinds to start with.)

Tom, your LNB needs to be set to Dual when using the Bulls Eye. Try that. Ken


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Just a minor thing, but your skew looks pretty radical, also, for 16°.

Again, you must select the Dual LO:9750/10600 MHz LNB and click apply on the first tab. The Bulls Eye won’t receive set as a Single LO:10750 MHz LNB. Ken

It was… slipped in the collar. Corrected, thanks.

Setting things up in a different window… will change settings per your advice. Thanks.

Hi Ken,

How do you get 9.75 SNR with with that naked little LNB you show on top of that super secret device you show in picture!

Hope all is well …Don …W6RWN

Hey Don - - if you are referring to my round logo, image

that’s the antenna field in Grimerton used by the Alexanderson Alternator :grinning:

I use a 80 cm FTA dish with my Bulls Eye. Ken


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Please remember that some window glass has a reflective coating applied but such coatings also attenuate rf signals. If you can’t get reception through the windows, maybe try through the walls or outside. Good luck.

There you go, Ken. Beautiful setup and picture. 9.75 SNR for sure.

At 12 GHz, a single wall (sticks and drywall) can reduce SNR by 15.