Dreamcatcher $99

Roger on that!


Have you thought about enabling a rest API on the new firmware?

My use case would be to query the outernet.is/weather/lat-long or outernet.is/news/country API from a Reticulum or Meshtastic node and broadcast the weather or country news over the local network.

@Syed could you please let me know if you have the new version of the Dreamcatcher board ready and if so how to order them? I would like to get two units.
I am planning on a Satellite receiver based project at a University in US, this will be perfect.

I’ll open up the ordering tomorrow. I’ll also post links to the current firmware and source code, as well as the schematics.

To be clear, unless you want to fiddle with something that is still in development, I do not suggest purchasing this board. There are still a few critical bugs that need addressing. Everything does work, but it’s nowhere near as solid (rock solid) as Skylark.

@Syed that is awesome! and YES the work-in-progress board is fine :slight_smile:
Just want to know if the ku band receiver antenna is also included in that? Or do we need to order the antenna separately?

@Syed Please let me know if we can order the new Dreamcatcher hardware kit? Thanks in advance.

Here you go:

And here is the updated repo. The schematic is under /hardware.

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@Syed Thank you for posting the links, I have ordered a Dreamcatcher 2206 and one “Bullseye 10 kHz Ultra High Stability Universal Single LNB”, I believe this LNB works with the board, let me know otherwise.

Yep, that will work just fine.

In case anyone was curious about the UI. I may have posted something similar in the past.

@Syed thank you for posting the UI, appreciate it.
Is there an updated instructions for making this version of Dreamcatcher 2206 to work properly?
Even if the instructions are the same, could you please post the links to the instructions here for making the this version of the board work as expected including any software installations or updates, LNB connections and any expectation of outdoor antenna/LNB placement etc?

@mallikdev There won’t be any instructions or documentation until the product is in normal production. The boards will come pre-flashed, so it’s just a matter of pointing and connecting to the hotspot/AP. These particular units are really meant for existing users who want something new to play with. In particular, users who want to fiddle with the hardware and firmware.

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Nice. How is that repo licenced, please?

I spotted this guy playing around with cube-sat like panel configs. I assume his intention is to open source his framework once tested. Might be fun to see if it could power this Dreamcatcher


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in terms of solar power this could be enough to power the esp based dc while in direct sun light, but i’m not sure if this is the best design for stuff on earth :slight_smile:

But it does indeed look really cool!


@sam_uk It’s not explicitly licensed at this time, which means it is not any flavor of open source. It’s source-available.

thank, all


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I remember when playing with all varieties of SDR dongles from SDR-STL was the in thing to do. Many projects I experimented with. In fact I still have one called FUNcube from The UK. Their satellite was of the same name. Syed, maybe we should have teamed up with them in some kind of scenario. Just doodling in the sky!

got the new board but unable to get it to connect to my WiFi network its wpa2 but a 40 character password is there any known issues with that length yet? or am i the first. Also will the weather map make it back in to the new hardware or is there not enough space for that?

You are the first with a 40-character password. Will look into that. Most of the apps will eventually come back. For now it’s more about making sure there are no critical problems.

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